Monday, 18 March 2019

The apple inflation !

Remember when we used to say ''an apple a day keeps the doctor away''. Now we get told about eating ''five a day''. Talk about inflation !. 

hair - Zahlee by Truth @ Uber 
sweater& shirt - Amber @ ChicModa
boots - Charlie by @ Belle
pose & prop - Apple Picking @ Image Essentials
mesh head - Korina by LeLutka@ Skin Fair
head & body applier - Nicole (light) by Spicy @  Skin Fair

The Shed

When life gets tough and worry sets in
Walk down to the shed and sit.
For its more than a place to store your junk
Its a place to think and and be calm.
Settle yourself down on that rocking chair
sip tea and read a book.
Leave the worries of life outside the door
And find your peace again.

wooden beehives - Sunland @ Circa
box of twine/ chickens/ blueberries/ wired basket/ cherries in green can/ dresser/ hat/ rose bucket/ stand with tea&honey - Spring Romance gacha @ Granola
rocking chair - Atelier Visconti
shelf - Picture Chic @ Tarte
bookshelf - Rustic @ Kalopsia
building - Art Cabin  Tarte
bick - Sunflowers @ What Next
fence - Lighted  pallet wall  Tarte
grass -Daisy @ Moon_Sha

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Find The Child

How about having some fun this week. Forget about who is watching. Put your hair up in pigtails, forget the make-up, wear something fun. Then go play on the swings, jump on the roundabout. Go nuts on a bouncy castle. Find the child in you. See the world in a different way. Most of all, enjoy your week.

mesh head - Ivy by LAQ @ Skin Fair
omega head & body applier - Carina by A.E.Meth @ Skin Fair
hair - Peach @ Foxy
pose - Beyond Me @ Le Poppycock
necklace & earrings - Rainbow @ Cae
dress - Finley @ Sn@tch

Saturday, 16 March 2019


In the tiny petal
of a tiny flower
 that grew from a tiny pod
is the miracle and the mystery
of all creation
and God

socks - Honey @
dress - Find Yourself @ Entice
hair - Morena by C'est La Vie @ Salon 52
mesh head - Ivy by LAQ @ Skin Fair
body & head applier - Skin 13 by Arata @ Skin Fair
pose & prop - Versions of April by Le Poppycock @ TLC

I like driving in my car .....

I love the style older cars had, the glamour  of it all. I watch a show called Antiques Road Trip and they always use old cars for it. Driving around the UK in such style - but at some point of the week the car normally breaks down on them. Guess that's the price you have to pay to enjoy something so beautiful. At least with SL cars I can just pretend they break down. Pop over to the Home & Garden Expo and check out the cars there.

cars Red Niles & Green Thruston - by Surplus Motors Home and Garden Expo
backdrop - Fuel Stop @ Paparazzi 
pose & prop - Suitcases @ BellePoses 
boots - Frenchie @ Gos
outfit - Icon Bodysuit by AM @ Designer Showcase

Perfectly Imperfect

Don't drive yourself crazy trying to make it all perfect.
Life is never actually perfect ....not for any of us.
But there is beauty hidden under all those unrealistic expectations.
There is beauty but its not in perfection,
its in the ability to find magic in the imperfect messiness that is real life

hair - Letoya  by Iconic @ TLC
top &skirt - Ronja by Meva  @ Access
mesh head  - Korina by LeLutKa @ Skin Fair
mesh head applier - Bianca by Clef de Peau @ Skin Fair
tattoo - Together by Carol G @ Skin Fair
pose - The Belle Series @ An Lar on MP

Friday, 15 March 2019

SL Home and Garden Expo is open

The SL Home and Garden Expo is open and it is massive. I mean like really big. It is laid out over 10 sims. Thankfully they have set it out in a way that is easy to find what you are interested in. All the of info you need is on their  blog so rather than me ramble on and maybe leave stuff out - here is a link for you to check out yourself SL HOME AND GARDEN EXPO - blog. I was playing around with  the  area I live in SL and used some of the things to build a little hiding place for me to sit. Hope you like it.

gate, wall,  flowers as part of wall, pergola  - by  Persnickity  @ Home and Garden Expo
build - She Shed - by  Persnickity  @ Home and Garden Expo
tree swing @ Lore
grasses all @HPMD
stump chair @ Wishbringer
stump with candle bowl by Z.O.E @ Trunk Show
birdbath @ Raindale


Some days I feel like hiding in bed, snuggling under the blankets and hiding. Today is one of those day. I can't I have to much in Rl and Sl to get done. Oh well , I can dream  I am  chilling on a room like this while I get on with stuff

bed/ 3 wall art items/ rugs - Back to India gacha by Bee Designs @ Vanity
cabinet - Nola @ Second Spaces
hanging ferns - Aziza @ Circa
plant posts on floor - Aziza Planter Colletcion  @ Circa
stool - Aziza Moroccan Ottoman @ Circa
elephant -  Painter Planter - @ PaperMoon
chair -Princess @ Minimal
cat on chair - @ Mutresse
blankets under chair  @ Serenity Style
curtains - Sakura @ ChiMia
box of hearts @ Crate
table lamps - Hitching Post @ 22769
tall dresser - Namita @ NewChurch 
dolls house - Parisien @ ChiMia
giraffes - James&Layla @ Your Dreams
birdcage light - Reused Pearl @ Tarte

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Skin Fair and loads more good stuff

give me an inch and I will take a mile
give me your heart and I will give you a smile
that's all I'll give,as long as I love
though I might stay with you for a while.

1st picture
backdrop - Slum Riverside @ Paparazzi
pose & prop - Light Pole @ Clix
shoes - Charm @ N-core
jumpsuit - Whitney by ChicModa @ FaMESHed
hair - Intrepid by Stealthic @ C88
shape - Olivia by West End @ Skin Fair 
mesh head applier - Ester by Go&See @ Skin Fair
mesh body appliers @ Go&See
mesh head - Jade by Catwa @ Skin Fair

2nd picture
hair - Intrepid by Stealthic @ C88
shape - Olivia by West End @ Skin Fair 
mesh head applier - Ester by Go&See @ Skin Fair
mesh body appliers @ Go&See
mesh head - Jade by Catwa @ Skin Fair
cami & panties - Pixie @ Narcisse

Welcome Home

The rain is beating down hard, the wind is roaring and its cold. After fumbling around in  pockets the front door key is found. As the door opens, the dog barks, happily waggling his tail. The heat touches your face as the coat is hung and shoes kicked off. Handbag sat down and the door closes. You are home. The best feeling in the world on days like that. 

red roses in stand - La Vie En Roses gacha @ Serenity Style
golden vase& roses - Newport @ Dahlia
table lamp - Autumn @ unKindness
coat rack - Autumn @ unKindness
door mat - Autumn @ unKindness
umbrella stand - @ 22769
dog - Bully @ RezzRoom
wall phone - Repurposed Vintage@ Backbone
marble cabint/ mirror shelf trio/ runner rug - Helena by unKindness @ FaMESHed

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

SKIN FAIR and more pretty things from the grid

 I have flowers in my garden in RL, my primroses are out  and so are the snowdrops. It is very strange to see. The sun was out and I had washing on the line a few days ago. Now it is raining hard with strong winds, and yesterday we had snow. For anyone who doesn't believe in climate change - try explaining that crap to me. 

mesh head - Korina by LeLutka
shape - Corey by West End @ Skin Fair 
mesh head applier - Tanya by Navzar @ Skin Fair
body applier - Porclain  by Navzar @ Skin Fair
tattoo - Spirit of Life by Yasum @ Skin Fair
hair - Karen  @ Mina
dress - Aria by Lybra @ C88
pose & prop - Versions of April  gacha by Le Poppycock @ TLC
sim - my home

Monday, 11 March 2019

Skin Fair and peaceful things

One day you wake up and you're in this place. 
You're in this place where everything feels right.
Your heart is calm.
Your soul is lit.
Your thoughts are positive.
Your vision is clear.
You're at peace,
at peace with where you've been,
at peace with what you've been through
and at peace with where you're headed
first picture
mesh head - Jade by Catwa @ Skin Fair
mesh head applier -Christina by Mila @ Skin Fair
body applier - all tones - @ Mila
boots - I <3 Myself @ Pure Poison
top & skirt - Anjali by WellMade @ Designer Showcase
hair - Biscotti @ Navy & Copper
pose -Neon Burn @ Gingerfish (I used the LeLutka Axis to turn the head)
backdrop - Checkpoint @ Minimal

second picture
panties - Laced Shorts @ Kaithleen's
mesh head - Jade by Catwa @ Skin Fair
mesh head applier -Christina by Mila Skin Fair
body applier - all tones - @ Mila
hair - Biscotti @ Navy & Copper

Skin Fair, feeling it

Some think we can't have SL without a certain thing.  mean, some think Sl wouldn't work without poses, others thing it couldn't work without skinners,  in general many would say Sl couldn't happen without creators. I have to agree, those who create are a big part of how we enjoy SL. Should it be walking around a sim, dancing at a club or shopping at a store/event. Every day I need all sorts of creators. To help me walk, to give me shape, to help create a style. To give me a house to walk into and a chair to sit at. It is all important. 
You know who else is important ? Shoppers. After all, what is the point of making these things and setting then out if it wasn't for the shopper to come to your store/event and buy them. 
Sim hoppers are important, they are the people who visit the amazing spaces you create. 
Clubbers are important, why build the place and have music streaming, if no one ever came to dance.
I am sure people are nodding at this point and can add in more examples of who is important but  many will forget the blogger. Bloggers are  very important in SL too. They promote stores and events, they showcase items  that have been made. Their picture  draw in shoppers who might never have known about the stuff if it wasn't for the blogger  taking a picture of it. Sims are visited daily  by bloggers to use as a backdrop to a picture. 
In all this rambling what I hope you are hearing is this. We are all important to the running of SL. Each of us has our place. All of us matter and no one is better than or bigger than the other. We all have skills  that we bring to SL.  SL is as small and boring as you make it and as big and exciting as you are open to it being. 
Thank you Skin Fair for reminding me of this.

hair - Waffle @ Navy & Copper
dress - Yorl by GiuliadDesign @ Designer Showcase
genus head applier - Anya by Session @ Skin Fair
body applier - Tone 02 @ Session
mesh head - Strong  by Genus @ Skin Fair
shape -  Lennon by Pomegranate @Skin Fair

tattoo - Out of Space by Ivory & Rose @ Skin Fair 
neon light - Pulsing Heartbeat @ Spot On

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Skin Fair and something else

maybe love isn't what we've bee told
maybe its not all romance 
and not all attraction
maybe love is a friends
 someone who understands you
 someone who wants whats best for you
and prays for you
even when you are at you're worst

 first picture
mesh head  - Korina by LeLutKa @ Skin Fair
mesh head applier - Scota by DeeTaleZ @ Skin Fair
shape - Miley by West End @ Skin Fair (made for Piper head)
mesh body appliers  @  DeeTaleZ
cami - Elle by Narcisse @ FaMESHed 
skirt  - Elle by Narcisse @ FaMESHed 
hair - Veronica @ Exile
copper bath - Vintage @ Backbone

second picture
mesh head  - Korina by LeLutKa @ Skin Fair
mesh head applier - Scota by DeeTaleZ Skin Fair
shape - Miley by West End Skin Fair (made for Piper head)
mesh body appliers  @  DeeTaleZ
bikini - Wet @ Salt & Pepper
hair - Veronica @ Exile

Saturday, 9 March 2019

Skin Fair and other pretties

So much to show and so little time. I will never understand how people say they get fed up in SL or they can't find anything to blog. My trouble is so much amazing stuff and so little time. I really want to make sure I keep sharing all the new stuff around and still get skins  blogged and all the pretties. SL is an exciting place to be.  
If I wasn't doing this today I might have to try and start tidying up the garden, this is more fun.
Make sure you take a closer look  at the stomach on the skin below. They have different finishes depending on what you prefer, nice that kind of option is given.
 Oh and why am I not picking apart the skins, the clothes, the hair etc... Well there is nothing to pick on, I love it all. I will never blog something that I don't love. I never cover up problems, I don't photoshop pictures so  mistakes are not removed. I don't need to do anything like that because these creators amazing.
1st picture 
 hair - McKenzie @ Elikatira
dress - Anastasia @ ChiModa
plant stand with things on it - Hanae Flower Laddder by Sway's @ TLC
garden bench - Littlevale Garden Table @ Raindale
steps - Littlevale Ladder @ Raindale
stool - Pipe Stool @ Llama Inc.
build - A Day of the Life, Shed @ Serenity Style
mesh head applier - Emiri by Pink Fuel @ Skin Fair
mesh head - Strong  by Genus @ Skin Fair
shape -  Lennon by Pomegranate @Skin Fair
pose - Modeling  set 50 @ SEmotion

2nd picture 
hair - Jensen @ Elikatira
cami & ruffle panties  - Pixie @ Narcisse
mesh head applier - Emiri by Pink Fuel @ Skin Fair
mesh head - Strong  by Genus @ Skin Fair
shape -  Lennon by Pomegranate @Skin Fair

Friday, 8 March 2019

SKIN FAIR , maps LMs and stuff like that

Skin Fair is open but you might be struggling to get in - sims get full fast at things like this. Give it time, keep trying, you will get there. It  runs until the 24th March so there is no panic. I have included maps  so you can know the spots you want to make  for and below is the link to the shopping guide. You can always get prepared while you try to get in

SKIN FAIR and other stuff

LAQ are  sponsors of Skin Fair so I knew they would be releasing something. Then I seen Ivy and  fell in love. This head is a game changer, it is very different from anything else around. I have styled her more as a young kid here but she is amazing in other skins too. I will have to make sure I get time to show you in another blog post. What I loved about it all was a good excuse to blog these fun  items out at TLC right now.  So many childhood memories come from seeing these things, I love it.
Have a peek below to see the rest of the skin tones  in the Ivy skin for the Ivy head.  

first picture
mesh head - Ivy by LAQ @ Skin Fair
skin applier -  - Ivy by LAQ @ Skin Fair
hair - Rocky @ Opale 
dress - Jetta @ C'est La Vie
socks - Liva @ C'est La Vie
tricycle/ books/ plane/ geese/ rocket/ suitcase/ handcart/ spin tops/ bunny - Childhood by Thor @ TLC
dollshouse   - Parisien @ ChiMia
table - Lovington @ Raindale
light above house - Raincloud @ Tarte
dog in handcart - American Bully Puppy @ Rezz Room
wall decor - Cloud Decor @ Closet Chickies

skin picture 
mesh head - Ivy by LAQ @ Skin Fair
skin applier -  - Ivy by LAQ @ Skin Fair
hair - Rocky @ Opale 
top - Pixie Cami @ Narcisse

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

SKIN FAIR and other things

SKIN FAIR  - 8th March - 24th March
I haven't been blogging as much as I wanted to because of the work that goes into Skin Fair planning. The PGP team are the hardest working group I ever met in SL, the girls are amazing. So this is my first of what I hope to be many posts. 
Belleza is a skin store that has been around forever, I used to wear them  often. Some how I got into so many other stores  I kind of forgot about them. How stupid was I, the Evelyn skin is stunning.I have her on the new Catwa head, Jade. I  When wearing Catwa I was an Eva fan  but I think Jade  is my new love.  The skin/ head combo is a perfect match. 
Oh and make sure you peek at the lashes and eyes, so many times these things get overlooked but they are important. Both are out for sale at skin fair.
With my stunning dress from Meva and  fab hair from Mina I am ready to party - shame I have so much blogging work to get done. 

main picture
hair - Tiffany @ Mina
dress - Johanna by Meva @ Vanity
head - Jade by Catwa @ Skin Fair (March 8th - 24th)
mesh head applier - Evelyn by Belleza  @ Skin Fair (March 8th - 24th)
mesh body applier - Pale  by Belleza  @ Skin Fair (March 8th - 24th)
lashes - Alice by POUT  @ Skin Fair (March 8th - 24th)
eyes - Amelie by Cubic Cherry  @ Skin Fair (March 8th - 24th)
pose - The Katya Series on MP by An Lar

full skin picture
all skin tones from  Belleza  @ Skin Fair (March 8th - 24th)
head - Jade by Catwa @ Skin Fair (March 8th - 24th)
hair - Sigrid  @ Mina
bikini top - Wet, flower @ Salt & Pepper
lashes - Alice by POUT  @ Skin Fair (March 8th - 24th)
eyes - Amelie by Cubic Cherry  @ Skin Fair (March 8th - 24th)

Monday, 4 March 2019

Poet in the Wind

I am a massive Bronte fan and this picture reminded me of a poem  by Anne Bronte. Love it when SL  inspires to go and read some amazing poetry.

My soul is awakened, my spirit is soaring
And carried aloft on the winds of the breeze;
For above and around me the wild wind is roaring,
Arousing to rapture the earth and the seas.

The long withered grass in the sunshine is glancing,
The bare trees are tossing their branches on high;
The dead leaves beneath them are merrily dancing,
The white clouds are scudding across the blue sky.

I wish I could see how the ocean is lashing
The foam of its billows to whirlwinds of spray;
I wish I could see how its proud waves are dashing,
And hear the wild roar of their thunder to-day!

hair Le Coiffeur @ Tableau Vivant
boots with sock option - Lemon @
dress - Denise by Faida @ TLC
genus head applier - Carly @ Belleza
omega body applier - Medium Belleza
pose & prop - Versions of April  gacha by Le Poppycock @ TLC

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Little bit of home

I am so busy in SL I feel like sticking my head in the sand and hiding. Think it is just I need more coffee. Some of you know I work in SL and I love it, I adore the people I work for and with. I just need to plan my time better, I think that is it. 
So yesterday I decided to blog  while I was sorting people out. Maybe it was because I was so busy I  ended up  with this adorable  cottage and garden. It is placed on my home sim.  My lovely friend Zenny  gave me a large plot on her sim to use  and I do. I am sure she must wonder what is going on at times because I keep changing builds. Anyway, I am rambling more than  normal.
The feeling of comfort, a gentle place to sit, a cosy  feeling to work from. That is all the things I got from sitting here yesterday working. It is magical that something in SL can make you feel in RL. I adore this space, I just wish I was able to show it better and explain it more. For now I will just sit on my rocking chair  in SL while I go grab a coffee on RL.

cottage - La Vie En Rose Cottage Gacha by Bee Designs @ Shiny Shabby
white  trees places in long grass - Nerium Oleander @ Bee Designs