Friday, 19 July 2019

No place like home

I seen something I thought might be helpful to daft people like me when trying to  do outside decor. It is the lavender fields by Milk Motion. I bought it over at C88.  It is for a space of land you want filled fast and easy,  2 few sizes, also with and without  empty space to place a build. Also with and without surround. I used the smaller size on offer with the surrounds for this picture. I think this is a useful thing for blogger/photographers. It is also handy for people decorating sims and brilliant for those who have mainland space. I know mainland folk complain of the mess others place around them.The surround would help block stuff out. I played around with it and it does stretch well, just don't over do it, the lavender still moves naturally when stretched.
I am sitting on a chair on the porch right now while typing this up. It is a nice relaxing place to be right now. I might try and create something like this on my home sim space  when it gets a makeover..  I love this house, so will be using it more for inside shots. 

ground & surrounds - Lavender Fields by Milk Motion @ C88
build - Leafy @ unKindness
planters - Snail/ Turtle @ Circa
swing seat - Wateron  @ Circa
chairs, table, rug - Beachbum Beatnick by Roawenwood @ Boardwalk
raccoons @ Mutresse
forest cat @ Jian
squirrel @ Jian
tree - Sunflowers @ Bee Designs
dog @ RezzRoom
branch lights on porch @ Tarte

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Dogs are family, not accessories

I adore this little dog in the carry case in SL. It moves its head and ears, so sweet!. The case has a carry animations so when walking it all still works. I walked around all day yesterday with it while exploring a stunning sim. The link for it is below. With this new PC I can not go around places easier and everything is set to ultra.  I now have no excuses for my pictures other than lack of talent. 
Though I adore carrying this wee dog in SL, I would never do this in RL. I love dogs, just not into  getting the latest trend to carry around  because someone famous did it. To me dogs are part of the family. For SL, I will hold onto this little guy for a bit longer and keep exploring.

dog in case - French Bulldog Suitcase by Serenity Style / Rezz Day @ TLC
hair - U93 @ Dura
dress - Nami by Lunar@ Equal 10
sandals -  Dahina Platforms  by Gos @ Access
sim - Sol Existence

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

You are the light of my life

You are the light when there is no sun. 
You are the rainbow after the rain is done. 
You are the star that twinkles in the night. 
You are the moon that glows so bright.
You are the wind that whistles my name. 
You are the love when the world is the same.
You are the flowers the bee's never miss. 
You are the beach the warm sun kisses.

bunch of roses  @ Serenity Style
rose petal heart  @ Ariskea
pose & prop - Fairy Lights @ Po^Z
hair - Talia @ Exile
lingerie - Fumi by Narcisse @ FaMESHed
genus head applier - Yamirka @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed  @ DeeTaleZ


I am melting in this heat. Living inland is horrid and I know I moan about this every year. I just want to live by the sea, bit like most other people I guess. I had ice cream for lunch today and there is a risk I will have more later too. 

ice cream cone - Mermaid by Hangry @ K9
hair - Brooke @ Runaway
bag - Lia @ C'est La Vie 
sandals - Dahina Platforms by Gos @ Access
top & skirt - Maddie by ChicModa @ FaMESHed
lelutka head applier - Stana @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Nordic  @ DeeTaleZ

Monday, 15 July 2019

Pool days

I have a collection of houses, I kept changing my home all the time until a friends came to live with me, then I had to behave. At least it stops me changing so often, sometimes daily. 
I keep seeing so many amazing bloggers make cluttered pictures that look amazing, I am trying to learn to do this too, or at least find my  own style in the process. So feedback would be brilliant. 
I do love  taking items from all different stores and blending them together like this. After all we do that in our RL homes. Just wish my RL home had a pool ! 

build -  Genoveva Hacienda Poolhouse   @ Trompe Loeil
loungers  & towel trunk - Pool Set @[InsurreKtion]
seagulls  @ Blossom_MeshObjectShop
dog - Pool Party Pups @ Jian
hanging plants - Aziza @ Circa
hanging chair - Carmella Rattan @ Granloa
stripe chairs - Porch @ Ariskea 
grill & items on table in front  @ Junk Food
two chairs & table - Cutie Cafe @ unKindness
hobby horse @ What Next
dollhouse  @ ChiMia
kid handcart, kid tricycle  @ Thor

Sunday, 14 July 2019


She picked up her pieces and realised,
there is nothing in this world 
that can stop her journey
            Jonny Nguyen

drink - Slushy (colour options, hold,, decor, hold & sip) by ChicChica @ C88
sandals - Dorrit by Ingenue @ C88
glasses - Emmanuelle  by Deep Static @ TLC
hair - B&BG80 @ Dura
romper & hat - Ema by Lun'Atic  @ TLC


Keep the honest moments close to your heart. 
The ones that are the most human.
When you laugh until your ribs ache with your friends,
when you feel stars exploding inside of you from falling in love,
when life breaks you open and those tears of transformation pour like a river from your soul.
Life is really quite simple.
We get to experience this planet for a brief while.
We get to learn how to love ourselves and one another
 for the strange, messy, magical creatures we are.
What a gift it is to have a human life.
If you look a little closer, there is always something to be grateful for.
True gratitude isn't ignoring the darkness.
Its participating with your whole heart in whatever moment life brings.
Its leaning into the unfolding process and having the courage to not need all of the answers.

lelutka head applier - Kayo @ Session
body applier - Tone 01 @ Session
hair - Tanita @ Opale
pose & prop - Versions of April - Gathered Fragrance @ Le Poppycock
sim - Scarlett Isle

Saturday, 13 July 2019

life should be like surfing

being in the moment
Only thinking about the next wave
And the possibility that it will be the one worth riding
And maybe a brief moment of regret 
That the one they just let pass may have been an opportunity
But just a brief and fleeting thought....
Because the next wave is already approaching

pants with panties -  Nami  by Lunar @ Equal10
top  -  Nami  by Lunar @ Equal10
towel,umbrella, radio  - Southern Shore @ Raindale
build - Sea Salt & Sunshine Surf Shop @ Granola @ Summerfest
dog  @ Jian
surfboard - old item from RC Cluster

Friday, 12 July 2019


I closed off all easy roads leading to me
but I'm reachable if you are willing
to go the extra mile

dress - Raja by Dead Dollz @ FaMESHed
earrings & necklace - Kaipo by Cae  @ FaMESHed
hair - Like Strangers @ Exile
catwa head applier - Rachel @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - European @ DeeTaleZ
eyeliner - Smokey @ Veechi
backdrop - Neon @ Foxcity
pose - Sunday @ Fashiowl


Touch the edges of her soul
and drown in the
whispers of passion

hair - Ariel @ Mina
swimsuit - Vega by Vinyl @ Access
catwa head applier - Sally @ DeeTaleZ
body applier  Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
tattoo - Malan  by Carol Tattoo @ UniK
sim - Scarlett Isle 

Thursday, 11 July 2019


Let the rain kiss you
Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops
Let the rain sing you a lullaby
The rain makes still pools on the sidewalk
The rain makes running pools in the gutter
The rain plays a little sleep song on our roof at night
And I love the rain.

dress - Rose by Lybra @ FaMESHed
shoes - NAOMI  by Gos @ FaMESHed
hair - Into You by Exile @ C88
pose & prop - Umbrellla! @ KoKoLoReS
catwa head applier - Sally @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Happy Times

It's not about having everything you want,
But being okay with everything you have.
It's not about being popular and having millions of so called friends,
It's about having true friends that actually care about you and love you.

jeans - Heather @ The Annex
top - Earth Song @ Entice
hair - Missy by C'est La Vie @ Summerfest
lelutka head applier - Stana @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - European @ DeeTaleZ
eyeshadow -  Striking @ Veechi
pose & prop - Robyn @ BellePoses

Monday, 8 July 2019

Hear Hear !

Don’t waste your time with explanations,
People only hear what they want to hear.
                -Paulo Coelho

dress - Elsie by Meva @ Belle
hair - Into You by Exile @ C88
lelutka head applier - Stana @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - European @ DeeTaleZ
eyes - Foxy @ Veechi
eyelashes - Zoe @ Veechi
eyeshadow - Pop Liner @ Veechi
pose - Curves @ Foxcity
backdrop - Palme d'Or @ Foxcity

If my friends are like flowers

I typed up so much and then removed it all. Maybe sharing these words again is all that is really needed. 

In the tiny petal,
of a tiny flower
that grew from a tiny pod
is the miracle and mystery
of all creation and God.
                Helen Keller

prop & pose - Provenza by Fashiowl @ TLC
top , jacket, skirt - Dominique by ZK  @ TLC
tights - Demi Dots by Luxuria @ TLC
lelutka head applier - Marsha @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - European  @ DeeTaleZ
hair - Kama by Analog Dog @ Curves

Bring the best YOU into SL

The world makes me so sad at times. Seeing to much heartache around. People in need while others have more than they will ever use. Picking on people because of their religion, colour, sexuality. SL is meant to be that second life that we bring the good into and leave the cruel outside. Though that is not possible because we bring 'us' into it and some of 'us' are cruel. What you are saying may or may not be correct, but once you act like a bully, being cruel and vicious, you lose the right to speak, at least in my mind. SL puts people under a microscope. It highlights the real person inside us. Maybe that is why I seen so much kindness and so much evil all in one day. So, just like in RL, I will spend my SL with animals. 

hair - 10210 @ Tram
dress - Mini Cami by MOoH! as part of the Beached bunny hunt
pose & prop - Crazy Cat lady gacha @ Image Essentials
lelutka head applier - Stella @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - European @ DeeTaleZ

Sunday, 7 July 2019


Dare to be you 
Dare to be honest.. 
Don't change for other
Be true 
Be you

necklace - Venice @ Maxi Gossamer
hair - Lunae by Mina @ Uber
cami - Svette @ 1313 Mockingbird Lane
lelutka head applier - Stella @ DeeTalez
body applier - European @ DeeTalez

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Summer ready and glued to the phone.

Going on holiday and taking a ton of selfies is insane to me. Why not take picture of the place you are visiting. Grab a picture with the folk who are with you. Take snaps of fun stuff and wonderful moments. They will mean more to you that scrolling through your phone and seeing nothing but your own face. While I am at it, stop it with the filters. If anyone ever kidnaps you the police will never know who they are looking for !.

prop & pose - Selfie @ Foxcity
glasses - Chloe @ Deep Static
hair - Jessica @ RunAway
top  & shorts  by Kaithleen's @ Summerfest
leg harness - Layla @ Pure Poison
lelutka head applier - Marsha @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - European @ DeeTaleZ

Beach Baby

Staring - ZenCho Balhaus
Beach baby, beach baby, there on the sand (there on the sand)
From July to the end of September (from July to September)
Surfin' was fun, we'd be out in the sun every day

The Details

Head & Body – Catwa koura and Maitreya Lara
Ears – BentBox Sylvan Ears - older item
Skin - !Lumae Catwa – Neoma – T5 //Ostara
Hair – {Limerence} Ariadna hair – Colour Ombre @ Mermaid Cove
Outfit – 1 Hundred. Beach Babe. Fuschia Mermaid
Body Chain – Blueberry Iconic Doll Gacha
Hand Chains/Rings - +Psycho Barbie+ [Moonstone Bento Rings]
Make Up - ~Shiny Stuffs~ Not A Fish Catwa Appliers @Mermaid
Pose – Del May DM – Oriental Male

Friday, 5 July 2019

Look Beyond

Look beyond the empty chair

To know a life well spent
Look beyond the solitude
To days of true content
Cherish in your broken heart
Each moment gladly shared
And feel the touch of memory
Beyond the empty chair

backdrop - Muralia Amarilla @ Minimal
table, chair, cut, croissant  - Bistro Outdoor by 22769 @ TLC
trolley - Serving Trolley Pool Set @  InsurreKtion
sweet tray, table deco set with candles, topiary -  French Moments by InsurreKtion  TLC
doughnut cake. pastry rack - Woodland Dreams gacha @ Dust Bunny
branch lights on steps - Hanging Lantern @ HEXtrordinary
dog - French Bully  by Rezz Room & Serenity Style   TLC

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Going back to bed

I'm taking in your scent that still lingers against my hands
before i go to sleep,
to remind me one last time of the day I had with you,
and to pretend you're here whispering goodnight
with soft protective arms wrapped around me.

bed, wall art, pictures, side table - Naomi gacha @ Bee Designs
table lamps - Mitchell @ Silence
rug - Madame Gypsy @ Circa
chandelier - Princess @ Minimal
panties - King Poppy @ Vinyl
cardigan - Susy by Lunar on MP
hair - Aurelie @ Runaway
genus head applier - Sara @ Session
body applier - Tone 2 @ Session