Saturday, 28 March 2020

Thursday, 26 March 2020

I've missed you .....

Can you feel it?
It's in the arch of my hips,
as your eyes and hands
strip me bare.
Can you hear it?
It's in the rasp of my voice,
Wicked wishes, both
Plea and Prayer.
On the sharp, sweet edge
between Pleasure and Pain,
On the slick, soft curves of my
Sin-filled lips, it's there.
Come here, love
and taste how much
I've missed you...
bodysuit - Reahan by Wicca's Originals @Fetish Fair
tattoo - Rubra @ Carol G
foot wraps  - Turadh @ Friday
eyeliner & lips - comes in skin packs  from DeeTaleZ
head - Lake by LeLutka Skin Fair
skin for head and body - Sandy (Vanilla) by Amara @ Skin Fair
hair - Riva @ Mina
prop & pose - BAD @ Foxcity

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

I sing ..........

I sing a sad song
I sing it to the people who have lost all hope
I sing it to the people who have cried more then a thousand tears
I sing it to the people with no will left to give
I sing it to the heartbroken
And I sing it to the shattered

dress - Vivi by Narcisse @ Belle
hair - Marie @ Knox
head - Lake by LeLutka @ Skin Fair
skin for head and body - Sandy (Vanilla) by Amara @ Skin Fair
eyeshadow - Alluring @ Veechi
prop & pose - Bright Ideas (Up & Coming) @ Le Poppycock

Monday, 23 March 2020

When this is all over......

Will we have  changed how we think, how we react to others. Will  we be more willing to get out and explore. Will we  smile at each other as we pass in the street. Or will we forget everything and go back to always having our heads in  some device and not seeing anyone or anything around. Will we go back to just sitting at home online. I know not everyone will change how they think but I hope most of us will. 

hair - Sultry @ Stealthic
glasses  - Lilliam shades @ Deep Static
cardigan - Fact  @ Vinyl
cargo pants - Done @ Vinyl
sandals - Dorrit @ Ingenue
stroller - Babydino  @ Aphrodite
chimpanzee - Baby Animesh @ RezzRoom 

I could self isolate here

I think I would volunteer to self isolate if I had a spot like this to sit. Just need my  furry friends, something to eat and drink, good internet connection and a few books. I might even let my hubby come and sit here too, how kind am I !

dogs - Corgi @ MishMish  
cat - Ragdoll @ Jian
laptop - Tap That App @ Peaches
blankets under chair - Gypsy Soul @ Granola
radio - Southern Shore @ Raindale
books on chair - Blissful Reading @ Apple May
stand holding books - Rustic Bookshelf @ Kalopsia
plant in pot to the left - Lucky Heart @ Hive (group gift)
sign - Morningdream by Raindale @ Arcade
chair/ table/ rug/ planter on right - Peaceful Peacock by Crate @ Bloom
hanging chair - Bahia @ Crate 

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Hold my halo....

Most times I will tell you
''I am the calm before the storm'',
but sometimes I will say
''here , hold my halo
I'm going in.''

pose -S01x04 @ DePERLAPoses
dress - Nettie Fishnet by Kaithleen's @ Fetish Fair
(panties supplied with maitreya body)
hair - Sage @ Magika
tattoo on chest - Kanji by Taox @ Skin Fair
body applier/layer - Nordic @ DeeTaleZ
lelutka head applier - Flora by DeeTaleZ @ Skin Fair
(eyes makeup/lipstick tintable  layer included)
head - LeLutka Lake @ Skin Fair

Fight 'til the last

We are trapped in our homes
Every breath a game of Russian roulette, 
wondering which will be our last.
Each step outside, a bullet in the chamber,
Every person, another pull of the trigger,
And one day they will line up,
For one, final, shot.

bodysuit and jacket - Aura by Meva @ Cyber Fair
tattoo on chest - Gungnir Carving  by Rekt Royalty @  Skin Fair
head and body layer - Sandy by Amara Beauty @ Skin Fair
head -  LeLutka  Lake @ Skin Fair
body Maitreya Lara
hair - Carrie @ Astrology

Stay in RL while getting out in SL

This stunning sim will be closing at the end of the month, get over to Scarlett and wander around and enjoy. You might not be able to get out in RL but we can enjoy the beauty in SL

pose - Fifties by KuddelMuddel @ Pose Fair
top & pants - Daphne by Salt & Pepper @ Collabor88
hair - Gwen by Exile @ Collabor88
body & head applier - Sachiko  by Amara @ Skin Fair
I am wearing LeLutka Lake and Maitreya Lara
sim - Scarlett

Friday, 20 March 2020

Just let me get coffee first....

 I can do anything, cope with most shit that gets thrown at me, face anyone down. Just make sure it is after coffee. I think with the stress going around in RL atm I might need to grab  more than one mug in the mornings though. I also need to get the coffee to give me more energy to get blogging. I have  spent so much time talking with others and trying to keep them chilling  blogging just hasn't happened. Maybe now it is time for me to look after me and keep my mind settled. If you need something to do, Skin Fair is open and has amazing stuff in it.
shirt  - Budd Flannel by Vinyl @ Equal 10
head  - Lake by LeLutka @ Skin Fair
skin applied to head & body - Audrey by Spicy @ Skin Fair
choker - Locked @ Cae
pose - Loud @ Slouch
kitchen -Built in Kitchen Skybox @ Hive (cabinets recoloured, walled re-textured)
coffee machine & containers @ What Next
all hair used from Tram

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Monkey Business

monkey - Chimpanzee  Baby by Rezz Room @HullabaZoo
kitten - European baby cat @  Rezz Room
chair - Wyoming on MP @ Barley
sideboard, plants, candle holders and wall trellis (hanging shelf not shown) - Cornwall Set - on MP @ Barley
aquarium and all inside - Jellyfish gacha @ HEXtraordinary 
lamp = Art Nouveau floor lamp @ Lisp
plant - Hanging Hoya @ Mithral
curtains - Sakura @ ChiMia

Monday, 16 March 2020

You've been framed

 I could rave on about how stunning this skin is , but you can see that . I could go on about how much I adore this top, but you can see it is cute. I could go on about the amazing jewellery, again you can see that for yourself. The the hair, you can see the amazing textures and style, I don't have to tell you. So rather than go on about it all, how about I just give links so you can go get this stuff yourself.
catwa head applier/layer - Sadie by League @ Skin Fair
different body tones shown - go try demos

 main picture -
top - Alicia by AsteroidBox @ Anthem
necklace, earrings, ring (bracelet not shown) - Sadie by Cae @ Uber
hair - Sultry @ Stealthic

Do you fit .........

Do I ... " Fit In ? "
Do You ... " Fit In ? "
Is ... " Fitting In " ...
just ... One More Sin ... ?
"Fit" .... "Into This" ... !!!
"Fit" .... "Into That" ... !!!
You May Just ...
... "Fit Something" ...
That ...
May Leave You ....
..... "Trapped" ..... !!!!!
hair - I1110 @ Tram
bodysuit & top - Miki on MP by Lunar

catwa head applier/layer - Mirriam by Sessions Skin Fair
body applier/layer - Tone 00 @ Sessions 

pose - Lovely  2by Moon Rabbit  @ Pose Fair
keep fit items - Fit ^& Pink @ Silence

Sunday, 15 March 2020

Saturday, 14 March 2020


I wish cutting ties would have made you bleed;
you deserve a little pain 
for the things you did to me

mesh head  by  Catwa @ Skin Fair
head applier/layer - Mirriam by Sessions @ Skin Fair
body applier/layer - Tone 00 @ Sessions 
hair - H0906 @ Tram
jacket with top - Denim @ Kaithleen's

Wednesday, 11 March 2020


She knows too much.
You can see it in her eyes.
Haunted by the future,
stalked by the past,
she hides in the present.

mesh head - Lake by LeLutka Skin Fair (opens 13th March)
body applier/layer - Light by  ND/MD Skins & Shapes  @ Skin Fair  opens 13th March)
hair - HO531  @ Tram
arm covers  - Deadbolt Arms by Wicca's Originals @ Cyber Fair 
head piece - Vision by Wicca's Originals @ Cyber Fair 

Skin Fair and other things

My mind is a bit neurotic
and my heart tends to bleed
but my soul...
that tortured thing,
I swear it's a thousand years old

mesh head -  Lake by LeLutka @ Skin Fair (opens 13th March)
head applier/layer - Flora by DeeTaleZ   @ Skin Fair (opens 13th March)
eyeliner in the head pack
body applier/layer  - Nordic @  DeeTaleZ 
tattoo - Sweet Valentine by Lychee @ Skin Fair (opens 13th March) 
hair - Billie @ Magika
wearing - Jessie by Lybra @ Uber
choker & cuffs - Locked @ Cae
pose - Lizzy by Elephante Poses @ Pose Fair
backdrop - The Doorway by Synnergy Pose Fair

Monday, 9 March 2020

Thoughts of a Puppet

I am a puppet,
Here are my strings.
This one's for my mouth,
And this one's for my wings.
Make me jump,
Make me fly,
Make me happy,
Make me cry,
Make me crazy,
Make me high,
Control where I look,
With my eyes.

pose & prop - Marionette by Black Cats Poses @ Pose Fair
wings - Harvest , Light Fae @ Sasheba's Closet
mask - Omen @ Zibska
bodysuit - Harker Linen by Kaithleen's Cosmopolitan
boots - Pepper @ Gos
skin tone - Celtic @ DeeTaleZ
tattoo - Demon's Vines @ Rekt Royalty
petals on ground - Heart Confetti @ Nomad
bubble rainbow plants - Glowing Balloons Gacha  by MOoH! @ Driftwood

Sunday, 8 March 2020

I will get there.... soon

Someone asked me once,
how I made it through so much pain, 
to be strong enough to write about it.
And the truth is, I haven't made it through yet.
I am still writing it because it still hurts.
And maybe it always will.
But this is how I turn the pain into something more. 
And maybe one day, 
the words I write will not have an ounce if pain,
because the healing is strong
I will get there....

hair - Lark @ Lamb
top  - Tay by ChicModa @ FaMESHed
skirt - Sparkle by ChicModa @ FaMESHed
catwa head applier/layer - Cira @ DeeTaleZ
body applier/layer - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
pose - Come Back Home by Luanes World @ Pose Fair
build - Love Lives Here Skybox/Backdrop  by Luanes World @ Pose Fair
pot plant to right - Hibiscus @ Ariskea
petals on ground - Heart Confetti @ Nomad
bush to left - Wild Dog  @ Heart
bed /laundry basket /mirror / ottoman  - Lanmour gacha by Raindale @ The Arcade
rug - MorningDream @ Raindale
flower string balloon - Rainbow by MOoH!Driftwood
hanging lights across wall - Fae Lights @ Tia
large hear on wall - Marquee @ Tarte
small hearts - Hanging Heart Decor @ What Next

Saturday, 7 March 2020

I heard nothing, I seen nothing Officer !

Over many months, there has been the odd story in the local news about another ATM stolen.  Some people have got a JCB, drove to an ATM and grabbed that thing out of the wall and drove down the road with it. When reading the newspaper, it gets reported that no one heard or seen a thing. Now I know it is in the middle of the night but how the heck can a big beast like this drive up, grab that thing right out of a wall and roll on down the road without a sound. A few people did get arrested in the end and it has been a while  from the last  robbery so maybe they got the right people. 
Anyway, my hubby dared me to try and make a picture like this so I did.

hair - Sloan @ Astrology
glasses - Irina @ Deep Static
dress - Virginia by Meva @ Anthem
lelutka head applier/layer - Cora @ DeeTaleZ
body applier/layer  - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
pose - Body Language by XTC @ Pose Fair

Friday, 6 March 2020

Small Perfection

Do you have a friend that needs a place to live in SL and you have thought about giving space on you land for them ? Or are you like me and a friend gave you space and you worry about  putting  to big a house out or to much decor etc.... Then this fixes the problem for us all. Space inside and out for sitting, easy to hangout with friends. Gives a place to call home and best part is - the count is so low you  won't be a pain in the ass.

car - The Gardener by DaD @ The Arcade
build - Guest Cottage  by Trompe Loeli @ The Arcade
bags of soil by car - Burlap @ Thor
trees in garden  Moonflower (grass used comes with tree) @ Little Branch
umbrella  - Lighted Outdoor @ Refuge
table & chairs - Echo @ Goose
garden table with drinks - Garden Beer Table @22769
planter - Beerkeg @22769