Monday, 15 October 2018

Skin Deep

I have a few things happening in this post, the main one being the LAQ skin on  the Genus head. First though, I need to remind you of Designer showcase. This event has been around for a while and keeps  highlighting brands that don't tend to be in many other events. Really worth a visit. 
Also Pose Fair, I have found so many cool stores,  my list is getting longer. I need to make sure I get to all their mainstores to see what else they have. 
So now to the skin in the picture. LAQ has been around forever,for many of oldies in SL it was one of our first brands we bought from. Mallory has a ton of fantastic mesh heads out with skins to suit. Other stores have made great skins that work with these heads but now there is a LAQ skin that works with other heads and below shows the result. 
Running from the left - Genus Project - LAQ - Catwa - LeLutka

All of this depends on the shape you have for each head, I used  my own shape for each brand without tweaking. I personally love the Genus head best with this skin applier. Below  shows all the  body tones, I think most people are catered for here. While I have on the Maitreya body, there are appliers for all the main brands. So for those who say SL is so limited, I say you are wrong.

omega head applier - Ofelia @ LAQ
all body tones & head  @ LAQ
Genus head
LeLutka head
Catwa Head
Maitreya body
hair - Batty (group gift, fee to join) - @ Truth
bikini - Wet @ Salt & Pepper
outfit in main picture - Jaynel by AnaStyle @ Designer Showcase
 pose in main picture - FB Bento Poses  by Reve Obscure @ Pose Fair

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Not Easy But Worth It

I know I'm not easy to love.
I'm a chronic over-thinker,
I overreact more than I should...
And every once in a while,
I might be a little insecure.
But if I am in love with you,
I can promise you wholeheartedly
that you will be loved with
 so much passion and intensity
that you'll forget what life
felt like before I came along.
You will always be cared for
and you will always have 
someone in your corner.
Maybe I'm not the best
at being loved,
but I like to think I'm
pretty good at loving

backdrop - Seamless Watercolours Darks by Salacity @ Pose Fair
pose - Express Yourself by HopScotch  @ Pose Fair
dress - Lana by Lybra @ TLC
earrings - Eve @ Dahlia
hair - Beanie @ Adoness
tattoo - Gallica  by Carol G @ Vanity
catwa head applier - Neoma @ Lumae
maitreya body applier - Elentari @ Lumae

Saturday, 13 October 2018

It's What's Inside That Counts

They say we’re all beautiful, 
then ask the fat girls to drink a slimfast shake
Thigh gaps & makeup make you pretty
(but it’s okay to be yourself)
But if you’re thick we shame you
(but don’t starve yourself)
And we support you not matter what
(until you say you like your own gender)
Jesus loves you “forgiveness”
(with all your sins you’re going to hell)
Depression needs treatment
(but if you cut you’re an attention whore)
You have your own opinion
(but it’s wrong if It isn’t ours)
Be who you want
(but you’ll never fit in)
You’re really pretty
(if you’ve got porcelain skin)
Equal opportunities
(unless you’re coloured, or religion, or gender)
Guys are rude and aggressive
(they’re gay if they’re tender)
“But we swear we love everybody, it’s what’s inside that counts,
your beauty isn’t as important as the words from your mouth”…
“…Oh look at her, she’s so gorgeous in that dress,”
Then they leave you, because you’re honestly a mess.

catwa head applier - Neoma @ Lumae 
maitreya body applier - Nyilssa @ Lumae 
lips - Ombre Lip Glaze @ Veechi
eyeshadow - Toased Liner  @ Veechi
collar - Bound @ Cae 
corset - Gutted by DRD @ Uber
hair - Dana @ Fabia
pose - Set 75 by Nina Rosario @ Pose Fair

Friday, 12 October 2018

As Strange As You

I used to think I was the strangest person in the world
but then I thought, 
there are so many people in the world, 
there must be someone just like me
who feels bizarre and flawed in the same way  do.
I would imagine her,
and thing that she must be out there thinking of me too.
Well, I hope that if you are out there
and reading this and know that,
yes. it's true, I'm here.
and I'm just as strange as you
Frida Kahlo

pose & prop - Sadystika by GingerFish @ Pose Fair
outfit - Commitment Issues by 1313 Mockingbird Lane @ Salem
body scars - @ Izzie's
face scar @ PMS
hair - Beatriz by Mina @ The Arcade
catwa head applier - Dolores @ DeeTaleZ
maitreya body applier - Celtic  @ DeeTaleZ
eyes - Witch White @ DeeTaleZ
backdrop - Dead Inside @ CK Elite

Friendly Ghosts

I was visited by ghosts again, last night, 
 But they were not the ghoulish kind. 
These ghosts were friendly phantoms, 
From the sunshine meadows of my mind. 
 First, came the Ghost of Childhood 
From his home, so far away. 
He took me back to green fields, 
 Where I used to run and play. 
 Some dark memories live there, 
They are always near, you see. 
But Ghost of Childhood was so bright, 
That they were forced to flee. 
 Then, there came the Ghost of Youth, 
From somewhere up above. 
He took me back to summer nights 
Of soft ice cream, and puppy love. 
But here, were painful memories 
Of a tender, autumn day,
 But when they saw the Ghost of Youth, 
They quietly slipped away.
 At last, I met the Ghost of Years, 
And he seemed old and wise;
I saw the love of long lost friends 
Glowing warmly in his eyes. 
Sweet memories of departed souls 
Prepared my heart to weep, 
But Ghost of Years smiled down on me,
 And lulled me back to sleep. 
 My guardian ghosts surround me, 
And shield me with their might, 
When bitter memories come around 
To haunt me in the night.

ghost at window - BOO @ Bad Unicorn
sofa & chair - Coffe Couch Set by Plastik @ Salem
reading cup and tarot cards/ skelleton lamp/ zodiac hand/ alter mirror, alter table - Witches' Corner by Etnia @ TLC
sign on wall/ black candles/ books/ plate - Modern Witch Belongings by Merak @ TLC
cat - @ Jian
cauldrons/ potions book - Grims Set by Raindale @ WLRP
rug @ Lisp
display outside window - Spooky Graveyard backdrop by CK Elite @ Pose Fair

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Keep it Enshrined

This dress is a great  item to buy and keep tucked away as you will use it over and over for sure. I have shown it with the sleeves, you have the option now to wear them via a hud. The same hud also has a option to wear just the top, with or without the sleeves. Makes it perfect for wearing under  a cardi or jacket. The colour hud has tons of options, either having one full colour or mixing it all up. From pale to strong tons it is a great item for us all and perfect for those on a budget.

hair - Solvig @ KoKoLoReS
dress - Elaine by Z.K @ TLC
lelutka head applier - Gloria  Session
maitreya body applier - Tone 1 - @ Session
backdrop - Shrine @ Joplino

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Moving

We all have faced battles, some are dealing with crazy stuff right now. It can be so sad to scroll facebook and see so many of my fellow SLers struggling. Always remember, if you are going through hell, keep moving. Don't stop, don't sit down, don't give up. If you feel your life is stuck right now, change it. Easier said than done but still possible. Even if it means doing something more fun in SL because RL  hasn't got that outlet for you. Do something to make your space better. 
If you are one of those lucky people who can travel, do it. Do it before you buy that new car or get more stuff for your house. Make memories with friends and family. Hug those you love and make sure they know. 

pose - Model Pack by DANU @ Pose Fair
suit - Dark Magic by DE. Boutique @ Designer Showcase
necklace - Aimy @ Nanika
hat - Choco @ Lode
hair - Panny @ Truth
shoes - Victoria @ Pure Poison
luggage cart  @ e.marie
poodle - @ Black Bantam
handbag on cart @ Plastik
backdrop - Pasarela Neon - Aesthetic as F*ck  - The Bearded Guy

Monday, 8 October 2018

Witches Brew

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Fillet of a fenny snake,
In the caldron boil and bake;
Eye of newt and toe of frog,
Wool of bat and tongue of dog,
Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting,
Lizard's leg and howlet's wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.
Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and caldron bubble.
Cool it with a baboon's blood,
Then the charm is firm and good.
from Macbeth

prop & pose - The Sorceres by Image Essentials @Twe12ve
lelutka head applier - Ursula gacha  @ Birth
maitreya body applier - Tone 1 @ Birth
lipstick 1  Ursula  gacha @ Birth
eyeshadow 1 -  Ursula gacha @ Birth
dress - Witch Hazel by Dreaming Thicket @ WLRP
hair - Garden @ Lamb

Another Monday

Oh what joy,
Monday morning,
in the bathroom
stretching, yawning.
Splash the water -
boy that's hot -
can I wake up?
Can I not!
Have a cuppa,
feeling better,
there's the postman -
wot, no letter!
Only bills,
the kind I hate.
Have to leave
or I'll be late.
There's the bus,
got to run,
now I've missed it
life's a bum!
Boss looks grumpy,
face is black -
oh my God,
I've got the sack!!

pose & prop - September in Seattle by Lovelysweet @ Poses Fair
catwa head applier - Rachel @ DeeTaleZ
maitreya body applier - Cletic  @ DeeTaleZ
cheeks & nose applier - MU Winter  @ DeeTaleZ
hair - F102 @ KMH
coat - Trouble by Neve @ TLC
sim - I am [SL]Amsterdam

Sunday, 7 October 2018

I Am Ready !

There is to many fantastic things being made for Halloween for me not to get stuck into blogging some of it. I have no interest in  Halloween in RL, I avoid the decor  in the shops and would never have it in my house. SL is different though, at least for me. Creators seem to throw themselves into this season more than any other time and they all get so creative. From cute to horror, there is so much around. I had got this new place to live in, the idea of living in a tree house is fun to me. It isn't big, but I don't need it to be big, I just need a place to hangout when I am doing SL work stuff. This is perfect. As my home sim  has changed to Autumn  with loads of Halloween things around I thought I should sort out my porch too. I went for the more cute than horror and I am loving it all. One thing I need to point out, turnips - any decor picks I do I am going to try and remember to place at least one turnip in it, after all the turnip was tradition before the pumpkin!.

ghost/ boy with bag over head/ bale with skulls/ bale with pumpkin/ trick or treat sign/ no candy sign/ orange witch pumpkin/ white witch pumpkin/ white bats pumpkin - Trick or Treating Gacha by Bee Designs @ Shiny shabby
pumpkin group - Paper Mache by Axion @ WLRP
dog in pumkin - Pumpkin Pupper @ Jian
turnips - Ground Turnip Lantern, Happy/ Mad @ Candle & Cauldron
pumpkin topiary - Boo! @ Funky Junk
hanging mobile - Magical by Nacht @ TLC
tapestry - Soulton by Raindale  @ TLC
window decor - Silhouettes @ Funky Junk
build -  Hadley Treehouse @ Trompe Loeil 

Friday, 5 October 2018

Remove The Mask

People have so many faces and most times they don't even know it. I don't mean people are nasty  and two faced. What  I mean is, we smile when  inside we are sad, we laugh along with others when we are crying inside. We  put on the business face even when we are frightened we might screw things up. It isn't  a bad thing to have a 'game face', after all many of us fake 'it 'til we make it' more often that we even know. As much as we need to keep watch on who we share our hearts with, we also need to remember that it is ok to be open and honest when things aren't ok. If  you need someone to talk to and you feel you have no one to turn to, know that I am here and it is a safe place to be yourself.
If you are looking for something to do this weekend I have a few ideas for you
This is the last  few days of Hair Fair so get over and take a good look around. Pose Fair is happening and it is full of creators we own so much to. After all if it wasn't for pose makers we couldn't  take pictures and would be waddling like a duck. So get over there and get shopping.  Also  just opened is this round of We<3 Roleplay, it is better than ever. I swear it is one of the most creative events around. We can wear jeans and top in real life anytime, so while in SL get  something more fun and get playing. If you want to explore and take pictures with all the stuff you have bought at these events the pop over to  Garden of Whimsy and see the new Halloween decor. I am lucky this is just next door to the spot I live and I can wander over anytime. If you see me there, yell over. More than anything, have fun with your SL.

gown - Henriette by [ae] @ WLRP
hair - No Cake by No Match @ Hair Fair
pose & prop - Face Off - by Po^Z @ Pose Fair
sim  -  Garden of Whimsy

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Growing Old

My looks are nothing special,
My face reveals my age,
My body shows some wear and tear,
And my energy's not the same.
Too often my memory fails me,
And I lose things all the time.
One minute I know what I plan to do,
And the next it may just slip my mind.
I try hard to avoid my mirror.
There are things I would rather not see,
And even those times when I just catch a glimpse,
I no longer can recognise me.
The things I used to do with ease
Can now cause aches and pains,
And the quality of the things I do
Will never quite be the same.
I always compare my older self,
To those younger versions of me,
And I know I'm wasting too much time
Missing who I used to be.

lelutka head applier - Paloma @ Poema
maitreya body applier - Tone 1 @  Poema
faux fur - Hillsong @ Dahlia
hair - Intensity by Exile @ Hair Fair
sim - Achill

Living Dead Girl

Staring - ZenCho Balhaus

Who is this irresistible creature
Who has an insatiable lust for the dead?
Living dead girl!

My Favourite season of the year is upon us, yes Halloween/ Samhain, the 
time when all is spooky and right in my world. There are some great 
events taking place at the moment, that help you get your Spooky/Creepy 
on, one of these is Salem, where I got this amazing outfit!

Mesh Head & Body - Catwa Koura and Maitreya Lara
Ears - Bentbox Sylvan Elf Ears
Skin Applier - Lumae Fantasy : All Heads - Elentari//Neutral
Hair - #Foxy - Fallen @ Salem
Nails - Astralia Skeleton Hands 2.0 Maitreya
Eye Applier - Izzie's Demon Eyes
Make Up - [POUT!] Ghoul Glamour (Group Gift)
Body Scars - Izzie's - Body scars RARE
Outfit - (*<*) 1313 Commitment Issues Dress, Sleeves and Skirt Belting 
RARE, Boots and Harness commons @ Salem
Axe - RO - Zombie Axe
Pose - GingerFish Poses - Nightbird @ Salem
Location - The Asylum @ ShenaniganS

Last Dance

As I sing this song
I will go back to you
If only I could see the beautiful you again
I will listen to this song with you
And have a last dance
Remember this moment
Until always
Just one last dance

pose & prop - Necromantic - The Last Dance by Le Poppycock @ Pose Fair
hair - M120 by Cheveux @ Hair Hair
dress - Autumn Dusk @ White River Co. 
avatar - Ghost @ Black Tulip

Wednesday, 3 October 2018


Sometimes we just need to be alone,
away from all the confusion, 
hurt and stress, to figure shit out....
Sometimes it hurts so
f****** bad that
solitude is truly 
the only comfort.

pose - Demi 2m by BellePoses @ Pose Fair
necklace - Autumn Rain @ Bliensen + MaiTai 
dress - Autumn Dusk @ White River Co.
boots  - Autumn Dusk @ White River Co.
cardi  - Autumn Dusk @ White River Co.
hair - Autumn Dusk @ White River Co.
socks - Suvi @ C'est La Vie
genus head applier - Fabienne @ DeeTaleZ
maitreya body applier - Celtic @ DeeTaleZ
dog Dalmatian @ Jian
Sim - Achill

Tuesday, 2 October 2018


I f****d up.
and where I  f****d up is probably
where a lot of us  f****d up - I waited.
I waited for him to come around. 
I waited to see if things would get better.
I waited to see if he would
become the man I imagined 
him becoming.
All of this  f****ing waiting, 
and before I knew it,
a bunch of years
had passed me by and
I was still doing 
the same old shit .....
waiting !

hair - Intensity by Exile @ Hair Fair
dress & stole - Pure Elegance by Kaithleen's @ FaMESHed
shoes - Peru @ Essence
catwa head applier - Jennifer @ Session
maitreya body applier - Tone 1 @ Session
pose - Maria by STUN Poses @ Pose Fair
backdrop - Sevilla @ Minimal
Climber - Rose @ T Spot
bench - Rich @ Apple May
lanterns - Turnips @ Candle & Cauldron  


She's leather and lace
Fire and ice
She's sex and whiskey
Love and war
She's calm, but also the storm
Rain and drought
She's the ocean and the sky
Stars and rainbows
She's the wolf and the witch
Spells and blessings
She's the poetic cliche but every day
She shows me something new and beautiful
And I wouldn't want it any other way.

shoes - Rockstud T Strap @ Gos
bodysuit - Viper @ Lybra 
lelutka head applier - Mina @ DeeTalez
maitreya body applier -  Nordic  @ DeeTalez
hair - Hipp by Adoness @ Hair Fair
pose & prop - Bitches with Guns by Lush @ Pose Fair

Sunday, 30 September 2018

OMG I need to PEE !

I hate using public toilets, don't care if it has just been cleaned, I just hate it. I always try to get home but sometimes it can be a struggle - you  know that walk  trying to hold every muscle  yet not end up walking crossed legged and holding so tight you have seamless buttcheeks.  Well today was my nightmare. I had to go out, was a difficult personal day for me. I went to the loo before leaving. Was ok during the journey and then we stopped by the beach so the  dog got her run. I got that needing to pee feeling while my dog  squatted smiling at me having her pee. Like she knew or something.
The bracing cold wind coming up Belfast lough didn't help either. By the time I got to the place I was  going I was  in so much need. Now the caretaker  who looks after the graveyard does his best I guess but the toilets there are something I swore I would never use. The are cold and dark and not as clean as I would like it to be. So we drove past them, my husband saying I should use them and me yelling to just drive so I could place my flowers. My parents  are buried at the top of the hill. Exposed and open to strong winds. By the time we decided to leave I was  in so much need I asked to stop at the toilet blog. So there was me squatting so I didn't have to sit on the seat, but making sure my aim was ok, while still sobbing my heart out from being at the grave. Men have no idea how lucky they are at this point.  
So  now that I have put that picture in your head, how was your day !

pose - Saphire 3 by Entangled @ Pose Fair
hair - Le Coiffeur by Tableau Vivant @ Hair Fair
top - Mina @ QE
jeans - Bubble Butt Flares @ QE
lelutka head applier - Guinevere @ DeeTaleZ
maitreya body applier - Celtic @ DeeTaleZ
bum bag - Lydia @ ZK
dog - Corgi @ Birdy

Saturday, 29 September 2018

The Drama

She's a dark road
with a lot of 
dangerous curves
But when the sun 
goes down
She's one hell of a ride

dress - Kimberly by 1313 Mockingbird Land coming on the 5th to the Black Fair
sandals - Anais  by Pure Poison @ the Kinky Fair 
hair - The Drama by Clawtooth @ Hair Fair
pose - The Oriana Series @ An Lar

Friday, 28 September 2018

Love and Peace

We are reaching the weekend and if I know anything about SL weekends, I know that people seem to be more dramatic . So how about we have a weekend  of peace and loving our time on SL, enjoy chatting with each other and  block those who you don't like. It really is that simple. 
Use your time to visit Hair Fair, get over to Pose Fair when it opens on the 1st and tomorrow grab the Saturday Sales list and hop around grabbing good stuff. 

pose - BFF gacha by Attitude @ Pose Fair
hair with hair - Coffee by Fashionably Dead @ Hair Fair
sweater - Turtleneck by Fashionably Dead @ Uber
shorts - Daytripper @ White River
socks - Layered Argyle @ The Annex
boots - Scooby @ Baby Monkey
mouse - Balloons @ Plastik
backdrop - Hype Beat @ Bad Unicorn