Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Birds of a Feather

I try to never decide on a person and what they are like because of their family. We can not pick what we are born into and not everyone is lucky to get a good deal. However, I decide partly on who people are friends with. Who you pick to be around up to you. Now don't get me wrong, I don't write people off over such things; I am just more careful until I get to know better myself. 
I am the same in SL, maybe even more than in RL.  
Never write someone off until you know yourself what they are like and not just on what you have heard in gossip from others. On the flip side, remember who you are around is a reflection on you.

hair - June @ Magika
gown - Jessie by ChiModa @ FaMESHed
catwa head applier - Binaca by Belleza @TLC
body applier - Sunkissed @ Belleza

pose - Emily @ BellePoses
backdrop - Haunted @ BellePoses
plants added

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

One Day .......

Be patient with me
I am still a work in progress
Some days I seem put together
But that paint’s not dry just yet
One day I’ll get this right

dress  (glitter option) Nadia by Kaithleen's @ Equal10
tattoo - Rapine @ Carol G
hair - Carian @ Mina
catwa head applier - Binaca by Belleza @TLC
body applier - Sunkissed @ Belleza

Monday, 11 November 2019

Screw this place I'm going to Narnia

 The Chronicles of Narnia  has long been among my favourite books. Most only know of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe  but there are a few books in the series. When I seen  this round of Enchantment it made me want  get my childhood books out again and read.  This round is titled' The Snow Queen' and every Queen needs a throne. Themed events excite me, make sure you visit.

bare trees - Splinter Ice Tree 1/2/3/4 by Spyralle @ Enchantment
throne - Snow Queen by Pink Magic @ Enchantment
shrubs & deers - Winter Hart Deer Decor by Love Home and Garden Superstore  @ Enchantment
bears - Polars by Jinx @ Enchantment
gazebo - Windalyn @ Serenity Style

Sunday, 10 November 2019


“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.”
                                        William W. Purkey

backdrop - Dance Hall @ Foxcity
keep fit items - Fit & Pink @ Silence
mesh person found on marketplace
pose - Dance @ CuCa
hair - Nightfall @ Exile
bodysuit - Cici by Lybra @ FaMESHed
socks - Solid @ Carol G

"Travellin' Light"

I was talking to a to someone skype and she had  Cliff Richard playing in the background (she is in her 50s so will let her away with it). Anyway, then this song came on Travellin' Light and it gave me an idea for a picture. So here it is. 

pose & prop - Vintage Travel by Image Essential @ Twe12ve (opens 12th Nov)
luggage cart  @ E.Marie
dog & carrier - French Bulldog @Rezz Room &  Serenity Style
handbag -  Alsia @ Belle Epoque
phone - Retro @ Serenity Style
poster - Vintage @ SalaCity
backdrop - Old Station @ Foxcity

shoes - Ribbon Heels by Gos @ FaMESHed
glasses - Gigi @ Deep Static
hair - Billie @ Magika
jacket - Biker @ Meva

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Home, My sweet home.

 Gosh how wonderful would it be to live in a house like this. Land all around it giving the feeling of space. It would be a dream. Well you can live you dream in SL while you wait to win the lotto in RL. Bloggers homes scare me because it is such a big job to make sure it is shown well. Excitement was stronger than the fear when I seen this house though. I needed to make this my first real try at doing this because I thought people need to see how stunning a build this is. I will be  blogging more  decor and furniture items and using this house as the place to  do it. The inside flows so well, easy to walk around. I change houses way to often in SL but I got excited to live in this one. 
I have posted 2 closer shots of things that I used. It is little details like this that make this house a home even before entering the door.

house - Riverstone @ DaD
blinds - Keating @ Llorisen
hanging lights - Tivona Tree Lanterns @ What Next
scarecrow - VIP group gift @ What Next
wheelbarrow - Fall Harvest @ What Next
bike - Autumn Bicycle Decor @ What Next
wreath - Hello Fall @ What Next
pumpkin planter - Mortar @ Galland Homes
large board at door - Fall Porch Decor @ Galland Homes
cages decor - Autumn Cage by 22769 @ TLC
large tree - GrafittiBanya @ Little Branch
shrubs - Elm @ Little Branch
tall green plants  - Persian Shield @ Heart Garden Center
turkey collection @ Jian
bench - Brightshore @ Raindale
grass - Meadow @ Raindale
dog on porch  - Parson Russell Terrier @ TLC Animated Animals

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

What friends are for

When it is dark wet and cold outside all I want to do is sit some place snug and cosy. I love that I can find this feeling from rooms in SL.  Guess that is what happens from amazingly made items. I have taken a few close-up  pictures and posted below. I have not really done this much but think I need to do it more often. All well and good seeing a room but it is all in the detail and I need to let you see that more. Like we used to blog 10 plus years ago.
Strange how something in a screen can create real feelings. I do think animals add something extra to an SL home just as they do in RL. I would never dream of having a home without a pet in either life. I think I have more dogs than anything else in my inventory.

sofa & chairs - Owen @ Brocante
rug - Madame Gypsy @ Circa
mirror over fire - Metropolis  @ Circa
fireplace - Madison @ What Next
wall sconces over fireplace - Quatrefoil @ What Next
pictures to right - Woodlands Watercolour  @ FourthWall
window blind - Evan @ Sway's
picture to left - Wild & Free @ Kalopsia
plant in pot - Bleached  @ Kalopsia
metal candle holders on floor - Pumpkin @ Merak
plant in stand - Malyn @ Ariskea
large coloured mirror on floor - Sita @ Madras
clock on stand - Jacob Grandfather by Di'Cor @ FaMESHed
dog on bed - Lazy Dog @TLC: Animated Animals (can sit with dog and it breaths)
other dog - Beagle @ Half Deer
sideboard/ candlesticks/ bowl (platter not shown)/ pumpkins on either end of fireplace - Autumn Decor by Refuge @ TLC

Monday, 4 November 2019


Nosy people annoy me
Pompous people bore me,
Pretentious people irritate me
Whilst drunk people irrigate me.
Opinionated people grate me,
Cheating people forsake me.
Sly people irk me
Lazy people shirk me.
Judgemental people cast me,
Bigoted people blast me.
Most people avoid me!

eyeshadow - Ella @ Veechi
lashes - Zoe  @ Veechi
hair - HO511 @ Tram
hand jewellry  - Lana by Meva @ Belle
eyes - Neva by Izzie's @ TLC
nails - Elegance by {WitchCraft} @ TLC
genus head applier - Arabella @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ

Following me, you little sneak.

That's right I know you are following me, sneaking around in the background. Watching to take anything I say, twist it and make it into something  different. I feel sorry for you and people like you. Those who are so weak they have to hide, talk behind backs, make up secrets. Never having the guts to come right out and say what you have  to face to face, It must be sad in your world. 

boots - Laveneno @ Remezzo
bag - Miwo @ C'est La Vie
tights - Dion  @ C'est La Vie
umbrella  - Let It Rain by Dark Secrets @ TLC
dress - Kayo by Kyoko @ TLC
hair - Incontro by Ade @ TLC
genus head applier - Arabella @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
sim - Missing Melody

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Dragging her ass back home.....

Zenny loves clubbing, she loves music and dancing. It was my turn to drag her ass home so they place could close. It is a rare thing for me to take pictures with others, my timing never seems to fit in well  with timezones. So thanks to one of my very best SL/RL friends for  letting her ass be the star of this post.

dress - Damiena by Kaithleen's @ FaMESHed
tattoo - Lissa @ Carol G
hair - Julianne by Exile @ C88
pose - Hide The Body by GingerFish @ PoseFair

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Maybe I'm still good

Roses, bullets, and a Bible
Broken shards
Build my scars
Happiness is only trifle
But maybe I'm still good
I hope I can still be good

bodysuit - Willow @ Luxuria
necklace/ earrings/ ring/ bracelet - Vera by Cae @ FaMESHed
mask - Aura @ Wicca's Originals
catwa head applier - Tasha @ Session
body applier  Tone 06 @ Session
pose - Camy @ BellePoses
backdrop - Pervert @ BellePoses

Friday, 1 November 2019

What are you reading....

A good book, PJs on, warm drink, on a sofa, curled up, book in hand. Wind blowing outside, raining. Knowing you can stay in the warm and read. That is the simple joy at this time of year.
I couldn't SL today, no idea why but I could not event get myself to sign in for longer than clearing messages.  So I grabbed a book and got lost in the pages. There is nothing better than  turning the page of  a real book and not one of those reader things. I know they hold so much more but still,the sound as the book opens, the feel of the paper, the wondering as the page turns,they cant give you that.

hair with scarf - Willow by Mina @ Uber
dress - Lisette @ Ingenue
tights - Dion @ C'est La Vie
pose & prop   - Book Lover byDiversion @ Pose Fair
sim - Sol Existence

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Halloween Party

Are you having a party tomorrow or waiting until the weekend. Whatever you decide to do there is still time to grab some really cool stuff around.  Between events, hunts and store releases, get shopping and have a fun time - what SL is all about

2 tier cake - Grave Party @unKindess
bowls of food - Spooky Dining @ Chez Moi
table/ spook at window/ skull/ coffin/ wall hand light - They're Creepy& They're Kooky Spook @ Crate
cupcakes - Spooky by Schadenfreude @ Hallow Manor
neon sign - Satan by MoonPhase @ Hallow Manor
animals - Trash Panda Halloween Dance party - by HEXtraordinary @ Arcade


Can a broken heart fully mend?
A shattered soul, fully heal?
Can one learn to not break, but bend?
And let old wounds finally seal?
Can words of torment ever be fully erased?
Tattoos they left in your spirit, made gone?

tongue - Painful Silence @[CX] 
hair - Tiffany @ Mina
face attachment - SnakeOutEye by MoonPhase @ Hallow Manor
tattoo - Fear @ Hooddlem
burns - Chemicals @ Clemmm
choker - Moon Goddess @ Nar

Tuesday, 29 October 2019


Let the Banshee's wail warn anyone that dwell upon evil deeds .
It's not lightly taken , best you turn around and flee .

head - Banshee by Wicca's Oringinals @ The Dark Style Fair
dress - Emily by Wicca's Oringinals @ Eclipse
gloves - Tails @ Cubic Cherry

Fright Night

May all your worst nightmares come true! 

tree with chair hanging (chair not included) Swamp Oak @ Little Branch
build/ hanging chair/ ivy around build - Byron @ DaD

shurbs - Wild Berry Shurb @ Little Branch
bats @ Jian
spook in build - Ghost Killer by unKindness @ Epiphany
firepit & wood - @ What Next
pumpkins - Jack O Lantern Trees @ What Next

Monday, 28 October 2019

Not my kind of party...

Why is it I hate Halloween in real life but have fun blogging it in  Second Life.

pose - Glissade @ Del May
hair - HO701 @ Tram
purse - Kitti @ Una
boots - Kate Thigh High @ Gos
dress & shurg - Vera by Salt & Pepper @ Uber

cat with skull - Black Kitten Gacha by MOoH! @ Driftwood
plant in pot - Alocasia Cuprea by Mithral @ Salem
cage  with pumpkins  in - Delightful Pumpkins @ Disorderly
bats @ Jian
large pumpkin - The Nay and the Yay @ MishMish
backdrop - Gothic Castle by PaparazziSalem

Sunday, 27 October 2019


I just wanna leave
everything and everyone
Just to see who'll find me
In the crowd of thousands
Will ever someone actually
be bothered about my absence
I wanna sit back and watch

genus head applier - Arabella @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
necklace/ earrings/ bracelet/ ring - Reagan by Cae @ Uber
top - Tati @ Lybra
hair  - Prudence @ Magika
eyeshadow -Ella by Veechi @N21

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Kink in Pink

feed me
something that's
big enough
for me to
choke on

shoes - Irina by Gos @ Uber
shorts - Fale Bootie @ Vinyl
tattoo - All For Me @ Carol G

bench - The Vixen @ Granola
emergency box - Banana @ NeverWish
shelf with items on - Sugar's Bondage @ Short Leash 
pillow - Nanner Love @ TeaBunny
backdrop - Fade To Black @ Paparazzi

Night Out...........

I am still loving a good backdrop, the idea remains something that works  well for me. Take this one for example. It came with the main artwork and there is also a sign that I have covered with another picture. As something to use as it is or to clutter up as I have done- these things are brilliant. 

bag - Serry @ C'est La Vie 
stockings - Bride @ Lybra
dress - Celeste by Narcisse @ FaMESHed
hair - Mercedes @ Astrology
tattoo - Twine @ Carol G
pose - Manu @ BellePoses

cat - Grouchy - Rezz Room
hall stand  - Beuanna @%Percent
chair - Summer @ PewPew
shoes - Canves @ MudHoney
picture in hall - Free Spirit @ Fourth Wall
backdrop - Budapeste @ BellePoses