Thursday, 19 September 2019

Blogging wonderful

If we are all here to mope, whine and rage
How, please tell me,how have we survived so long

It's because we were happy once!

Bright sparks of creativity turns our world inside out and back again
You can make a difference!
Reach into your brilliant brain,past the muck and self doubt
Into the bright corners of yourself
Bring it out of hiding and into the world
Let them judge you!
Become impermeable
Let the insults slide off like the rain off of a goose's downy back.
Help turn our world into one of light and empathy
Where everyone can speak,or look,or act as they wish
Without being criticised
You can do it!

top Cora (store gift) @ Lybra
hair - HO119 @ Tram
lelutka head applier - Stella @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
tattoo - Mavi by Enemy @ The Ark
eyeshadow - Suave @ Veechi          
eyeshadow - Bewitching @ Veechi      both eyeshadows areoverlapping
lips - Buxom Lip Oil @ Veechi
eyes - Foxy @ Veechi

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Ripple effect

When you create a difference in someones life
you not only impact their life
you impact everyone influenced by them
throughout their entire lifetime
No act is ever too small. 

prop & pose - Beauty Breaks @ Le Poppycock
glasses - Triton by Deep Static @ WLRP
hair - Brianna @ Wasabi
jersey - Nacho by Vinyl @ K9
undershirt - Taco by Vinyl @ K9
jeans - Sky Ripped @ Vinyl
mesh head - Noelle @ LAQ
head applier - Leah @ LAQ
body applier - Tone 1.0 @ LAQ

Who is She .....

she's the first name i write
and the first i erase
i don't need a reminder
to think of her face
she's the blue to my sea
and the yellow to my stars
the light of my dreams
and the blood in my heart

pose & prop - Dandelion @ Po^Z
backdrop - Mexico Mi Amor by La Petite Vie @ Tlalli
hair - H0608  @ Tram
mesh head - Noelle @ LAQ
head applier - Karlie @ LAQ
body applier Tone 1.5  @ LAQ
tattoo - Doris @ Carol G
dress - Panda by Pure Poison @ The Ark

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Oh Coffee

Oh coffee
Only you can take me out of bed
And get me through the day

top - September Group Gift @~ ChiModa
necklace - Lana by Meva @ Belle
coffee cup - Coffee On The Go (can add your own words) @ Hive
hair - Alison @ Astrology
lelutka head applier - Stella @ DeeTaleZ
body applier -Nordic @ DeeTaleZ
lashes -Zoe @ Veechi
eyes - Foxy @ Veechi

Monday, 16 September 2019

Just another flippin' Monday

I want a love like Mondays.
It is coffee with headaches and early mornings.
It is work.
It is the longest day.
It is a fresh start.
It is knowing it only gets better from here.

top & pants - Tweed by Kaithleen's @ C88
jacket - Floral @ Coco
catwa head applier - Hannah @ Session
body applier - Tone 01 @ Session
hair - Girl65 @ Dura
necklace - Eliza  by Cae @ FaMESHed
dog in bag - Chihuahua gacha @ Rezz Room

Sunday, 15 September 2019


age old wisdom
silently watches
patiently calling
waiting until
i am ready
to hear

hair - Angel @Mina
hairbase - Angel @Mina
tattoo - Project Zero - Orange by Fallen Gods Inc @ TLC
face makeup - Leka by Zibska @ TLC
catwa head applier  - Bliss @ Birth
body applier - Tone 01 @ Birth
centaur body @ Jinx
centaur texture add on - Muriel Red by Cinnamon @ The Ark

Do something nice today

This cute pose and prop is from Image Essentials - it is for sale at The Ark. The creator just about got this made and her PC died. So if you want to do something nice, go shop at  her store and get over to The Ark and buy one of her doggy props. You can pick up these jeans and jumper  at The Ark  too. 

jumper& jeans - Dory by Salty @ The Ark
prop & pose - Walk the Dog 2 by Image Essentials @ The Ark

Saturday, 14 September 2019


Have some fun, doing something different, shop at different places. The Ark is open and has a ton of different things on offer. From cute avatars like this to clothes, makeup and pets - all things animal related. You will find many stores that do not appear in many other events. 
If you do nothing else, get over and get one of these avatars, I mean how could you not want this. I spend most of my time around bloggers and creators and you all work to much - so come on and party !

avatar - Uptown Bears- Pimp Panda by MOoH! @ The Ark

Friday, 13 September 2019

THE ARK - all this animal

Sept 13 - 26
 - Every store will showcase a new and exclusive item related to animals
 - The Sims are PG so please make sure all private parts are covered
 - A Complexity limit of 50,000 will be enforced for the first weekend.


She is beautiful,
but you really can not comprehend it until
you understand that she is the result of
the pieces that she refused to 
left life take from her.

hair - U92 @ Dura
belt, bodysuit, garters,skirt - Cake by Vinyl @ C88
tattoo - Aria @ Carol G
pose - Alena @ Belleposes
lelutka head applier - Stella @ DeeTalez
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTalez

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Permanently relaxing

As for you and I ?
We weren't permanent.
But, the memories sure as hell are.

chaise lounge  - Delilah by Serenity Style @ Belle
table & items on it - Bailey @ What Next
hanging lamp - Palisades @ Apple Fall
cabinet  - Chinoise @ Apple Fall
backdrop - Photo Room by MudHoney @ Arcade
hanging plant - Ivy @ The Hive
picture - Illuminati @Dahlia
extra pillow on chaise - Lazy Days @Dahlia
petal hanging - Forsythia @ Ariskea
plant on stand by table - Snake @ What Next
plant to left of cabinet - Olive @ What Next
plant to right of cabinet - Malyn @ Ariskea
puppy - Chihuahua @ Rezz Room

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Cup if Happiness

A cup of tea
With you and me
Is truly something special

top & shorts - Elvi by ChicModa @ FaMESHed
hair - Insomnia @ Exile
tattoo - Inevitable @ Carol G
lelutka head applier - Scota @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
dog in cup - Tea Time Pug @ Black Bantam

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Just once .....

Just once let yourself flirt
with the idea of what it feels like
to love me

pose - Emily 3@ BellePoses
top - Juana by The Annex @ Tlalli
skirt - Rosa by The Annex @ Tlalli
lelutka head applier - Summer @ Session
body - Tone 01  @ Session
hair - Keli @ Analog Dog

Exciting times

So let me get uber excited over stuff because I don't share that enough with you. Though if I blog it its because I like it, that is a promise. First the jeans, I have blogged them a few times,the are ripped and that is shown in other posts. What you need to do is buy the fatpack. Then you get all the colours in the pants and belt and it is so worth it. These are my go to jeans.
This top, I adore everything from Lybra - this top  got me playing and layering. You know how it goes in RL when there is a top you love and want to wear even when it gets colder. Bodysuits are perfection under this. (why talk about getting colder in SL !) 
The  wee bag is from a store I flippin' adore, It makes the sweetest things and I use it all over and over. I hoard the stuff.
The necklace and stuff -  holymoly  Cae is amazing. Each piece is perfect, the closer you look the better it gets, she is just so amazing at making this stuff. OMG there is a ring that comes with this and I need to do a close up off it another time and show you better - it comes as normal annnnnndddddd rigged for Maitreya. BOOYAA people, and happy dances because I am a Maitreya lover.
So this hair, I want to stroke it over and over like someone who has a fetish. This brand has awesome textures.
DeeTaleZ is a brand you see me wearing over and over,  I own more of  from there than any other store. I change heads often and it always looks amazing no matter which head I am using.
The background  comes from a new little store that I found in flickr. Only a few releases and I am already a fan. 
SL is an exciting place, isn't it !

bag - Nes @ C'est La Vie
jeans & belt - Sky @ Vinyl
top - Malena @ Lybra
hair - Sultry by Stealthic @ C88
necklace, earrings, bracelet - Eliza by Cae @ FaMESHed
lelutka head applier - Sibley @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Nordic @ DeeTaleZ
backdrop (using twice, lowering one) - Yanaka Kiosk Shop @ La Petite Vie

Sunday, 8 September 2019


Explain to me how you can see the parts of me that no one has seen.
The parts I hide so deep inside, that no one has ever tried to find.
Surely they were not all just blind, you must be the superhuman kind

necklace, earrings, hand pieces - Vivy by Meva @ FaMESHed
genus head applier - Akira @ Session
body applier - Tone 01  @ Session
eyeshadow - Bewitching @ Veechi
eyes - Foxy @ Veechi
lashes Zoe@ Veechi
hair - Sanne @ Mina

After the battle

They are not really dead.
Their flesh will nourish the earth you're stepping on,
making her live,
making your survival possible.
One day they will be nothing but grass blades
fighting against the wind that strikes
this land of death

goggles - Havoc @ Wicca's Originals
mask - Havoc @ Wicca's Originals
blood  marks - @ Izzie's
prop & pose - Altered State , Unplugged by Le Poppycock @ TLC
outfit - Cabell by Have Unequal @ TLC
hair - Runa by KoKoLoReS @ TLC

Saturday, 7 September 2019


A place to rest, to be at peace. To relax and chill. If you struggle to find that space in your real life, create it in SL. 

picture above the bed - Rosalie's Refuge by unKindness @ Uber
bed  - Rosalie's Refuge by unKindness Uber
mirror  - Rosalie's Refuge by unKindness Uber
table below mirror  - Rosalie's Refuge by unKindness Uber
rug  - Rosalie's Refuge by unKindness Uber
bench at end of bed  - Rosalie's Refuge by unKindness Uber
lamps - Ambrosia @ Granola
side table - Ambrosia @ Granola
curtains - Leaves @ Tarte
heart light -  @ Tarte
blind - Evan @ Sway's
mannequin - Vintage Treasures @ Serenity Style
box on floor - Box of Love Letters @ Ariskea
boo on bedside @ Ariskea
flower pot under bedside - PomPom Plant @ Dust Bunny
bag of clutter on bed - Gracie Living @ Dust Bunny 
flower head - Woodland Dreams @ Dust Bunny
cactus - PomPom @ Dust Bunny
books and bookends - Bunny Books by Merak  @ Arcade
hot water bottle on bed - Lazy Days @ Dahlia
cat on bed - Modern Princess @ Moss&Mink
dog - Bulldog Puppy Sleeping @ Rezz Room

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Lonely space

Are you the milky way?
Am I the lonely astronaut?
Led astray..........

genus head applier - Jenny @ Birth
hair - Runa by KoKoLoReS @ TLC
jacket & corset - Loote Sci Fi by Vinyl  @ TLC
eyes - Cyberlogic by Izzie's @ TLC
lashes for genus - Zoe @ Veechi
background- CyberPunk console by Fashiowl @ TLC
pose CyberPunk by Fashiowl @ TLC

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Pineapple belongs on pizza

There I said it, it is yummy and you can all dry your eyes complaining. Nothing beats  tomatoes, cheese, ham and pineapple on a pizza.
 I am going to have an Hawaiian pizza for my dinner tonight because making this post made me crave it. 

prop & pose - Pizza 1 @ Image Essentials
cat - Grouchy Grumbling @ Rezz Room
jeans - Heather @ The Annex
top - Robin @ The Annex
hair - Kara @ Astrology
catwa head applier - Sally @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed  @ DeeTaleZ
build on sim - Scarlett Isle

Monday, 2 September 2019

The Girl

We all have a child inside us still. Some get so busy with life they forget how to see it. Then there are others who see a play park and run to the swings forgetting they are 40 something. Which one are you. 

hanging fish tank and fish in - Aquascapes @ Crate
hanging boards - Maple Kitchen Rack @ Granola
wall art - Secret @ Hive
egg stand - Kitchen Bench Topper @ Acorn
mixer  @ Apple Fall
pie @ What Next
stack of bowls @ Dahlia
canisters  @ Dust Bunny 
scales  @ Apple Fall
dish stand @ Acorn
mixer  @ Apple Fall
pose - Snack @ Foxcity
mesh head - Ivy @ LAQ
head applier - Leah  @ LAQ
top - Jamie @ Narcisse
leggings @ C' est La Vie