Sunday, 26 January 2020

WTF do you want

Some days I want to wear a dress, make a pretty picture and be all lovely and sweet. This is not one of those days. 

dog & lead - Adult Rottweiler by Rezz RoomMan Cave
hair - Chokmah by Shi @ Uber
arms - Eagleden @ Wicca's Originals
pants & boots - Nyx @ AstereoideBox
shirt - Jenna @ AstereoideBox
blood& wounds @ Izzie's

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Let me.............

Let me be clear,
my love is unconditional,
but your presence in my life is not.
The moment that you prove 
that your value of me 
does not measure up 
to my sense of self worth,
I'll have no problem 
unconditionally loving
 the memory of you 
and moving on

pose - Sweet Memories @ Le Poppycock
backdrop - Lustful Hour, Savage Cage @ The Bearded Guy
hair - Kat  by  Exile @ C88
skirt & bra - Lena by Narcisse @ Access
eyeshadow - Vibrant @ StunnerOriginals
lipstick - Vibrant @ StunnerOriginals
catwa head applier - Dacia @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ

City Life

table/ sofa/ rugs - NoHo Living Set by DaD @ Anthem
beanbag chair - Saudell @ Raindale
dog - Bulldog Puppy Sleeping @ Rezz Room
laptop - SoundX @ Bamse
planner/ calendar/ pens/  personal assistant on floor - Resolutions Clutter @ Peaches
whiskey- Storyteller's Burrow @ 8f8
cabinet under window(resized) Industrial Drawer @ 22769
dice decor - Vintage @ Apple Fall
magazine flies - group gift  @ Apple Fall
blind - @ Lisp
keyboard - Studio @ Bad Unicorn
drums -Cocktail @ Anhelo
floor planter - Funnel @ Mithral
wall planters - Vertical Wall Pipe Hanger @ Mithral
guitar on stand - Classic @ What Next
work station - Wall Hanging - @ Consignment
chair - Work @ Plaaka
frame over work station - Don't Forget Anything Organiser @ Serenity Style
star - Wall Mounted @ Apple Fall
frame below star to left - Don't Forget Anything Schedule @ Serenity Style
frame below star to right - Don't Forget Anything Blackboard @ Serenity Style
frames on floor - Don;t Forget Anything Memo Boards @ Serenity Style
metal wall plague - The Lone Star (group gift) @ Hive
group of pictures - Gallery  @ What Next
letters lite up - Marquee Copper @ Tarte
neon sign - Bulb@ Kunst
skybox - Tribeca Loft @ DaD

Friday, 24 January 2020


I like the taste of your lips
I can savour all your yesterdays

hair - Faye @ Magika
tattoo - Amore @ Carol G
corset, panties, pasties - Devil by Salt & Pepper @ Uber
catwa head applier - Dacia @ DeeTaleZ
body applier -Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
lipstick - Hot Lips  @ DeeTaleZ
eyeshadow - Sultry  @ DeeTaleZ

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Man Shed

build - Summer Shed @ Serenity Style
seating - The Reader Armchair @ Serenity Style
drinks cabinet - Bodega Barrel Bar by Aphrodite @ Man Cave
rug - Namo @ Madras
wheelbarrow - Wasp @ Serenity Style
table & items on it, watering can, bags of soil, shears, shovel, rake  - a gatcha  @ Thor
ladder, brush - @ What Next
radio - Southern Shore @ Raindale
grass - Meadow  @ Raindale
dog - Terrier - @ TLC Animated Animals
dog house - group gift @ Remarkable Oblivion
tree - ZelkovaSerrata by Little Branch @ Cosmo

My Little Black Heart

that little girl inside me begged to be loved
grew up
Still begging to be loved

top - Ettie by ChicModa @ Uber (opens 25th)
necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet - Carys by CaeUber (opens 25th)
pose & prop - Mustang @ Templar

Winter Days

Sitting by the window overlooking nature with the sun grazing your skin....
While snuggled up in a cosy blanket with a hot mug of cocoa and your favourite book.....
On a fine winter morning.

chair, sofa, wall unit, wall art, planter, table - Crupet by Goose @ Cosmo
cats - Bengal @ Rezz Room
cat stand - Cosy Condo  @ Half Deer
candles on table - Juneau Candle Set @ Barley
hanging planter - Succulents @ Vespertine
*wall stand items working left to right, starting at top*

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

A Dusting Nightmare

I love kitchens in SL being all clutter and stuff on show. Things are to pretty to hide away. In RL though, this would be my living nightmare. How the hell would you keep it all tidy and clean. Also a cat in the kitchen, worse still, on top on a work space. Hell no! 

trolley on right - Kitchen  @ ChiMia

    *on top of trolley *
scales - Maple  @ Granola
box of treats - Macaron Assortment @ Apple Fall
pastry on rack @ Dust Bunny
muffins - Buleberries @ Apple Fall
grinder @ Dust Bunny
dishes on middle and bottom shelves - Vintage Dishes by MudHoney  @ The Food Court
steps - Vintage @ Acorn
on top of steps - Housekeepers Box @ What Next

cooker - Wood Stove @ Bondi
pots on cooker - Copper @ Apple Fall
kettle on cooker  - Enamel @ Apple Fall
black cabinet - Nola @ Second Spaces
cat on table - Trying - Shortie Cats @ Mutresse
kitchen island and everything on it - Know How by Crate @ TLC
rug - Salvador @ Crate
hanging  cutting boards  rack - Maple Kitchen @ Granola

                    *lower wall shelf going left to right *
planter - Cat  Quirky by  Dust Bunny @ FaMESHed
bowl - Mixing Set @ Apple Fall
bird - Zonlicht Large Mallard @ Peaches
bird - Zonlicht Kiwi @ Peaches
planter - Rainbow Quirky by  Dust Bunny @ FaMESHed
cutting boards - Kitchen Clutter @ Dust Bunny
bottles - White Wine @ 22769
planter - Giraffe Quirky by  Dust Bunny @ FaMESHed
bottles - Red  Wine @ 22769
planter - Panda Quirky by  Dust Bunny @ FaMESHed
poster - Japan  , Sushi @ ChiMia
bird - Zonlicht Pair Mallard @ Peaches
tins - Kitchen Canisters @ Hive
planter - Sloth Quirky by  Dust Bunny @ FaMESHed

               *upper shelf *
coffee maker - Colonna @ What Next
tins - Cannister set @ What Next
mixer @ Apple Fall
unopened box bought from a store
teapot @ Dust Bunny
build - Tribeca Skybox (group gift) @ DaD 

Tuesday, 21 January 2020


lelutka head applier - Nova @ Birth 
body applier - Tone 01  Birth 
eyes - Siren @ Veechi
pose & prop - Altered State - Escape Key @ Le Poppycock
boots/ gloves/ suit - Guardian by Wicca's Originals @ Mainframe Event
hair - Fiona @ Sintiklia
eye bruising - some random thing I have bought and no idea what store - sorry


She is a happy ending,
not everyone can wait for.

hair -  Aria @ Magika
top - Stella by Lybra @ FaMESHed
pants - Roxie @ The Annex
lelutka head applier - Astrid @ Session
body applier - Tone 01@ Session
pose & prop - Cosy Winter @ Luanes World
dog - Boxer Puppy @ Rezz Room
bench - Long Book Bench @ Ringo Hana
pictures - Classic @ What Next
planter - Swiss Cheese Plant @ What Next
cabinet - Blanket @ Dahlia

Monday, 20 January 2020

I love these days

When I first got married I told my husband - you cook, your clean, you do ironing, you stay that way. With his disability it is harder for him to do things these days. Then there is that day he feels good so tells me to take a break and he makes dinner. He sets the table and makes it all that little bit better than the way it normally is.  I love these days.

table/ table runner/ parsley/ cheese board/ bowl/ wine jug/ salad bowl/ wine glass/ coffee/ dinning chair - Bluesy Dining gacha  by Crate @ Epiphany
candle setting - Hanging Lantern @ HEXtraordinary
dessert -   Raspberry & Almond Macarons @ Apple Fall
salt & pepper shakers @ Fancy Decor
silverware @ Fancy Decor

That thing

I don't own an i Phone I never have. I do have a mobile, but need to hunt it down, been 2 weeks from I seen the thing. Strange part is, I was one of the first people (outside of business people) to own a mobile as I had a family member working fora company that was rolling them out to the mass. 
Then again, when I walk along outside I see people and things, not a screen. When I am sitting with a person, I see a person and hear them speak, not lost on some smiling cat on You Tube. 

top - Natalie by Meva @ Tres Chic
necklace & earrings - Amata by Cae @ Shabby Shiny
hair - Sloan @ Astrology
eyeshadow - Nordic @ Veechi
lashes - Zoe @ Veechi
catwa head applier - Dacia @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - European @ DeeTaleZ
pose & prop - Selfie @ Foxcity

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Inside Out

chairs & sofa - Cherished Living Sofa @ unKindness
rainbow  cloud photo frames - Cloud Gacha by MOoH! @ Twe12ve
owl clock - Forest Sonata @ Half Deer
wall planting in middle - Pipe Display @ Mithral
top middle planting on either side of clock - Wooden Wall Propagation  @ Mithral
wall planting either side of fireplace - Living Wall Display  @ Mithral
far left and far right wall planting - Branch Wall Display  @ Mithral
media console, far right - Vintage @ Dutchie
bench, far left - Storyteller's Burrow @ 8f8
rabbit - Plushie @ Thor
wall sconces - Pineapple @ Raindale
birds on mantle - Plymouth Love Birds @ Dahlia
floor lamps either side of fireplace  - Art Nouveau @ Lisp
table in middle of floor - Terrarium Coffee Table @ Mithra
rug - Vintage Summer @ Lisp
cactus - PomPom  @ Dust Bunny
vase set into fireplace - Pom Pom @ Dust Bunny
mugs and pot - Coffee Sierra @ What Next
laptop - Tap That App @ Peaches
books & drink on floor - Summer Paradise @ Half Deer
dogs - Chihuahua @ Rezz Room
skybox - Marais Apartment @ ChiMia

Saturday, 18 January 2020

PGP Annual Blogger Search

This search is for events like Skin Fair and Vintage Fair. 
closes on the 3rd Feb midday GMT time

Bloggers Block

My mind’s a canvas, it is blank.
No words, my heart sank.
My mind is full of thoughts.
My blogotex is full of stuff.
I tried to make a poem to post.
But the words won’t come through.
So alas, the blog is still a blank.
Empty like the the empty mug after the coffee I just drank

shoes - Caris @ Ingenue
hair - Aria @ Magika
dress - Anilah by Kaithleen's @ Tres Chic
glasses - Irina @ Deep Static
leggings - Inga @ C'est La Vie (great investment)
pose & prop(paper on ground) Writer's Block, Deadlines by Le Poppycock @ TLC

desk/ chair/ lamp/ pencil holder/ book under chair - Emma Desk Set @ Refuge
shelf - Industrial @ Tarte
fishbowl bookends - Aqua Shores @ Circa
planter - Giraffe @ Vespertine
planter - Book , Wanderlust @ Dust Bunny
planter - Quirly Planters , cat by Dust Bunny @ FaMESHed
planter - Cat @ Vespertine
book basket @ ChiMia
filing cabinet - Metal Blue @ Acorn
planter on cabinet - Spider @ Vespertine
typewritter @ Tarte
book holder - Printmaker's @ Fancy Decor
backpack - Daisy's Dots @ Kalopsia
scattered books - all random items from stores, sale days and gacha's

Friday, 17 January 2020

BLOGGER SEARCH - 17th Jan - 2nd Feb

rules are simple - blog 2 items a month showcasing an item from the store. (more is encouraged)
Group space needed 


I can't stand that
''Till death do we part''
I want eternity
To be on the world 
I want eternity and more 
I want forever with you

necklace - Dagger of Peace @ On A Lark 
pants - Brooke Snake by Emery @ FamMESHed
hair with hat - Hazel @ Mina
jacket with sweater - Adrian by AsteroidBox @ Equal 10
catwa head applier - Dacia @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - Mixed @ DeeTaleZ
lashes - Zoe @ Veechi

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Classical Comfort

rug - Floral @ Milk Motion
table - Elegant Coffee Table @ Zerkalo
plant on table - Oasis Bloom @ What Next
cat - Ragdoll @ Jian
large wall picture - Beethoven  @ Fancy Decor
oval wall picture - Handel @ Fancy Decor
sofa - Vivian by Granola @ FaMESHed
wall sconces - Vivian by Granola @ FaMESHed
piano - Old Standing @ ChiMia
cabinet over piano - (Buffet Table) Luna Collection  @ Refuge
tapestrys either side of cabinet - Luna Collection  @ Refuge
items in cabinet - Luna Collection  @ Refuge
string lights on piano - Luna Collection  @ Refuge
floor candles - Luna Collection  @ Refuge
large clock - Jacob Grandfather @ Di'Cor
skybox - Marais Apartment (Gilded) @ ChiMia

Wednesday, 15 January 2020


The weather has been insane in the UK over the last few days. I know some have damage to their homes, mine is fine. Only the watering can blew over. With the strong winds outside, then this post and prop  being release, it reminded me of a funny story from last summer. It was windy so some folk put their washing out on the line. I had mine out. As the wind got stronger I brought everything in and got it sorted indoors. As I walked into the kitchen to turn the kettle on, a pair of knickers floated by the window. Thinking I got it wrong, I went to the door to take another look. In the air was a pair of ladies fancy french knickers. The ended up in the tree belonging to the house at the back of mine. Later that night I seen a post in the local facebook group with a picture of the floating knickers. No one ever did claim them but the comments was comedy gold.

catwa head applier - Dacia @ DeeTaleZ
body applier - European  @ DeeTaleZ
hair - Memory Bliss @ Exile
sweater & skirt - Bellita by ChicModa @ FaMESHed
prop & pose Breezy @ Image Essentials
backdrop - Made With Love  @ Serenity Style
3 planters in a row - Ostara @ Circa
round planter - Aziza @ Circa
dog - Boxer (Up) @ Rezz Room

Oh coffee, I love you

You are so dark 
Your fragrance smells delicious
Every time when my lips touch the cup
My heart began to beat faster
Not everyone likes you
But your love kept me awake
Without you I would fall asleep again.

dress - (worn as a top) Wynn by Justice @ FaMESHed
leggings - Inga @ C'est La Vie
hair - Somber @ Stealthic
glasses - Zoey @ Deep Static
catwa head applier - Piper by Session @ eBento
body applier - Tone 02 @ Session
pose & prop - Certain Things @ Luanes World

tin on top of bread bin - Concetta @ Dahlia
bread bin - Katya Kitchen @ Serenity Style
coffee machine - Colonna @ What Next
wall sign - Home Marquee @ Tarte
mortar - Katya Kitchen @ Serenity Style
bottles - Lemon & Lime @ Apple Fall
chopping boards - Kitchen Clutter @ Dust Bunny
milk bottle - Open @ Plaaka
bread - Melonpan Half Eaten @ Plaaka
build - Built in Kitchen Skybox @ Hive