Monday, 23 March 2015

New Beginnings

Yes I am back. I am not working or blogging as I was first time around in SL but thought this might help me track my journey in SL this time round.  I have no clue how this will go or what it will really be about.
I have things in my head I need to work out and I need a place to escape to at times so SL felt like the right place to be.
I need to learn how to wear mesh, what has changed with the clothes and layers and so much more. SLink seems to own SL now as far as shoes goes. They have always been an amazing store so it is good to see their hard work paying off.
SO enjoy my waffle as I wander around, exploring SL and emptying my head from things that effect me in RL. I have a feeling it will all melt into one. 

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