Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Really ? Is This The Best On Offer

SL cost real money. More now than ever you need to pay into the 'game' to last. If you are creative and can make things then you are a lucky person. Get building/designing and get cash to fund the fun side  that SL has to offer.
When I first came into SL 8 years ago I was pointed to a place called Free Dove. It had clothes, shapes, hair etc... from many designers all over the grid. Everything was free and it was to help new folk get started and not looks stupid while exploring. There was so many different styles and roleplay things on offer it was easy for me to find the bits I was most interested in. Each gift had a landmark in it to the store. I found this so helpful and if it wasn't for this I might not have stuck around as long as I did. 
I had just over 4 brilliant years in SL until I left. When I left I thought I would never go back and it was only in this last few weeks that I had wanted to return. So I made a new account, fresh start was needed.  I spent a little time roaming to see if I was going to be there for more than a few days.
Then I headed over to Free Dove to get a few things to get me started on this new journey. This is what I seen.

Just look at the mess of the place. This stuff was out of date before I left so why is it still out now. 
I know at the end of my time people got snobby about lucky  chairs,group gifts and hunts. At the time there was at least 2-3 hunts going on at any given time and it was over kill. Some how people thought it was an SL career to run hunts and have them on all the time. From my little time in SL now I feel the same about Gatchas. Those things are taking over but I don't hear as many complaints - is it because creators/designers are making money from them so it doesn't matter if there is an overload. The lack of help out there for new players is terrible. Many folk who now make real money in SL started out needing help so why have they forgotten to help others.

A free  gifting point like  Free Dove is a place to show your store off. It can be the difference between a person teleporting over to your main store to look around. 
My first time I found so many great stores that when I put money into SL I went to them and shopped. When I worked in SL I spend my Linden dollars at them. When I blogged I tried to show as many of them as possible to encourage others to shop there too.
Now on my second time needing this place I found nothing of use. I felt sorry for the new new people sorting out stuff from the boxes and trying to create a look from it. They will look old, dated and naff as soon as they walk out of the place. There was only one mesh dress in the whole place yet mesh has been around for a few years now. 

If  Free Dove itself is outdated and over then why not start a new place. Get some fresh stock in there and make people want to not only stick around in SL but to get over  to your store and shop. Help them find their  second life just as others gave help to you. 


  1. Hi Beau! I actually have a really cute mesh dress at Free Dove. It makes me sad that you couldn't find it through all of the outdated things.

    1. I think the place needs a spring clean and really old things removed. Then the good stuff could be found and it would help new people or those,like me, coming back.

  2. Have you tried the Free*Style store? Not everything is free but most are 1l$.