Monday, 30 March 2015

Work Work Work

WORK, it never ends. Should it be a job, caring for family or housework. There is always something. Ironing is the one thing I hate above it all. When I first got married I made him promise me that he would do the ironing in our home. 
So why am I doing ironing in SL ? 
I have been  thinking about what it is I want to do this time round. The store I worked in before has closed. Many of my connections I had before have been lost and I am not an SL fashion blogger anymore. If I want to get back into the SLworld I was part of before I need to  get my inventory filled up with the new mesh items but it all cost so much. 
Do I buy a mesh head,feet,hands and then body or does the body come with these things. If I buy the feet there are three types, do I buy them all. 
Then there is the hair and lashes and make-ups and jewelry and skins and and and..... The list goes on and on. 
So here is the question I need to find an answer too. Do I put a good amount of money into SL and buy the things I need to get me to a level that I might be able to get work in SL and pay my way or do I just wander around and explore. I don't need all that stuff if I explore. 
Well, I don't need it but I do want it. I was used to going into shoe stores and fatpacking a new style. I always got new hair releases  and bought new skins as soon as the designer released them. 
I was about to add in around fifty pounds last night and then on plurk I seen  details about a new SL. Do I really want to put money into this if the new one is to be released next year. Now I am confused. If I ask on plurk will it look like I am begging (which I am not) and if I don't ask on plurk who else do I ask. 
Enough of this rambling, I need to sit back and think what I want from SL now and not worry about next year. So here is the question, do I put money in and if so how much and how often?

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