Saturday, 18 April 2015

Blackmailing Sileny

So you get a really nice skin but it is more cute than glam, what do you do. This skin I got from a  lucky board. I  do like it but if I wanted to wear more 'grown up' things  this skin would not work. So I went to find  make-up layers to see what changes that would make. At the same time Sileny Noel posted on plurk and that reminded me how brilliant she used to be making skins and make-ups. She hasn't got a store in world right now but I remember she said something about marketplace listings so I went there looking for her, this is what I found.

A good lip colour can make all the difference and this shows. You don't have to pay high prices either to get it. Go to Second Life Marketplace and look up Adore&Abhor Cosmetics . You will see this pack for 99L. Now my picture is rather crappy but you get Berry, Blood, Denim, Earth, Grass, Mono and Plum  colours. They are strong, fit the lips perfectly and  turn a cute skin into a glam  look.
I am hoping this makes  people go look at Sileny Noel more on Marketplace and this makes her open up in world again and start making more skins and stuff. She is brilliant at it, I just need her to see that as much as others do. 

Make-up - 13 @ Adore&Abhor Cosmetics on marketplace only - for now
Hair - Sibel @ Wasabi Pills
Top - -Eleni @ Baby Monkey
Skin - Nanako @ Heaven's Gate Skins+ Shapes
Pose @Pretense

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