Friday, 17 April 2015

Do It SySy Style

I know I am  crap at taking pictures in SL on location compared to everyone else but right now I don't care. I had a nice time TPing around the grid until I found this sim and took time to wander around and explore. I didn't gatecrash into a persons home for this, it was just a house set up as part of the landscape.  I wouldn't mind living here though, it felt peaceful and transported me into the middle of nowhere  - oh to live in a house like this in real life. House set on its own land with a lovely garden, cute home and better still, loads of shops across the lake just for those times when a spending spree is needed.
I am wearing a top and skirt from SySys but it is the skirt I want to blog about really, the picture above shows it in grey but let me show you the five other colours it comes in too.

Called 'My Favourite Skirt',this are a win in any life. Comfortable yet  smart. Always in style, never out of fashion. The skirt comes in 6 colour (grey,sand,peach,lavande,blue,black) and comes with a HUD that give 6 colour options. Original mesh, beautiful shading, at the great price of $235L . 
While you are there remember to take a look around the rest of the store. SySy has been in SL for years designing and it shows. Her store is full of the most amazing designs with time and effort put in creating each one. You will Be seeing loads more from SySy on here are she is an amazing designer and a beautiful person and there is no better reason than that.

Skirt  - My Favourite SKirt @SySys 
Top - Cropped Tee @SySys

Skin - Giorgia @YS&YS

Shoes  - Fancy Flats @ monso

Hair  - Maiko @ Truth

Pose @Pretense

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