Saturday, 25 April 2015

Entice Me

My husband laughed when he seen me take this picture. Before we had SatNav I used to sit in the car with the map moving it around so it was facing the same direction as the car was moving in. When we got a new car the first thing I asked as about  SatNav.
I have been using the Destinations  list to find new places in SL, if you haven't tried it, you should. It is easy to get locked into your own small corner and go to the same places all the time. SL is as small and boring as you make it and as big and interesting as you let it be.
Anyway lets talk about this dress.

I kept seeing signs for a group called 'SL free & offers' in different stores. I have found it to be a great wee group to be part of and finding new places with the info it send. One place I found was Entice. Beside their lucky boards was the SL free&offers board with this dress on it. You just need to be a member of this group to get it as a gift (group is free to join).  The dress is cute, fits well, great texture and I love the colours. The belt just under the bust is a nice touch and I think completes the dress. 
The store is worth a visit. Filled with so many wonderful designs,  there was nothing I didn't like in the whole store. 

Dress - Scarborough & Entice

Skin & Glam Affair / shoes & Baby Monkey / hair & Moon / poses  & Pretense / bag & GAAL

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