Monday, 27 April 2015

Hop Over To The Fantasy Faire

The Fantasy Faire is on until the  May 3rd and on 13 sims. The idea of 13  sounded scary to me and maybe to some of you. Just don't let that stop you from going, even if it is just to one or two sims, it is still worth  it. You don't have to be into role playing either, there are many fun things that  you can get there.  Let me show you an example from Hopscotch

These animal  face tattoos are fun. They colours are so bright and cheery. This is what I love about SL. I am 44 in a few days and I couldn't walk around with my face like this but in SL  I can dress how I please.  have been shopping like this and I will  do it again and again. Just for the fun of it. Also those with families - how fun are these for the kids.

I still have my horns on as I write this and I don't plan to take them off any time soon. For no other reason than they are flippin' cool. I also have an idea and if it works you will be seeing a pair of these horns again. 

Warrior face tattoos, aren't they wicked. Even thought they are for roleplay I can see  them coming out again in a post with a dramatic gown and hair. 

Each of these things made my mind  think of  places to  find, things to do and how to be creative with them. That is what I love about the Fantasy Faire, it makes you dream. Pop over and take a look and while you are there stop by Hopscotch and  pick up some of these items. Then show me your creative side.

Face tattoos and horns by Hopscotch at the Fanasty Faire

hair - Moon / skin - 7 Deadly S{K}ins / eyes - some from Clemm, rest from The Stringer Mausoleum

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