Monday, 20 April 2015

I Can See Now

I have so much that needs doing but I want to go out and play. It is sunny here and in Northern Ireland and that doesn't happen often. I wish I could go to the park, or to the beach  or just go out and do something silly and fun but  I have things that must get done which means no time to play.
It is the same in SL at times, deciding between blogging and exploring. I must make sure I keep a balance this time. Though when I have something brilliant I want to show everyone  blogging must happen.
I found out about this event called Genre so I TP'd over to take a look around. This one started on the 15th  and this month is 'Rockabilly' . It is worth a visit to see all the different things made with this theme in mind. I have been looking for eyes to call my own in SL. I think I have found  them but I  now I need to settle on a colour.

Helena Stringer has always been known for the weird and wonderful ( she is fantastic at it ) but  that doesn't mean the things she makes is not suited to the more classic look too.

The eyes come as mesh  in 3 sizes and system, it is handy to have all options when buying a set. One colour costs just $65L and to buy them all  costs $395L (bargain). 

The eyeliner is also from Stringers.  You can either get it in classic rockabilly (shown in the middle) or more subdued ( pics to the left and right)  You can buy one of these at $20 L but when a pack of red, black,teal,berry and green costs only $65L , why bother with one.

Go over and take a look around this event, the street is rather well set out, I wonder do they change this with each event theme ? must come back next month and see. Make sure you put into Stringers Mausoleum while you are there.

Genre event

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