Monday, 20 April 2015

Loving The Skin You're In

I went back to Genre to take time to look around more and decided to try and take a picture. I know this isn't brilliant but I am trying to learn and play and enjoy my time and that is the most important thing, isn't it ? This car reminded me of an old boyfriend from my teens. He drove one like this and I thought I was 'the bees knees'  going out in it. I had to dump him though. Many of my friends had started to get engaged and I was worried if I ended up with him I would be called Mrs Bloomer. He had to go.

Anyway, back to SL things. Have you seen the mesh head from LeLutka ? I know there are others but this one was just released a few weeks back and was all over the feeds. I will end up getting a mesh head but for now I need to build up my inventory more and I still need to take time and learn how to use my mesh feet. 
Why am I talking about mesh heads ? Adam n Eve are releasing new skins that will work with this head. Others have been blogging stunning pictures  about this but as a person who doesn't own the LeLutka head (yet)  I wondered what this skin would look like on me. I love it

This is Chelsea. The first picture is just the skin on, nothing more. The middle picture has the cleavage enhance on with the cat eyes layer and blush. The third picture has the freckles layer on with the sunkissed nose layer and matte lips.
This skin isn't just for those with mesh heads, it will work for the rest of us. Then, if in the future you buy the LeLutka mesh head, well you have this skin to wear on it. 
There are a ton of make-ups being released to suit this skin and they are all being blogged beautifully so I thought I would show just a few pics with a mixture of  make-ups from other stores. We all have them in our inventory so it helps to know if they suit. Below shows Chelsea with layers from a mixture of stores - [mock], Cotton Candy Monster, Cupcake, Adore&Abhor and L'Aɴɢυιѕeттeѕ Sĸιɴ and Body Shoppe. 

I loved Adam n Eve skins when I was in SL before. When Taylor was released I was hooked, that was it for me, that was my skin. It was one of the first stores I came back looking for this time around and I found it to be better than ever.
Sachi Vixen has worked hard while I was gone and it shows.

Make sure you pop over to Adam n Eve on the 23rd  when this gets released and demo, you will love it.

Skin - Chelsea @ Adam n Eve

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