Thursday, 9 April 2015

Vintage. Not Out Of Date

I used to adore every single thing in Ivalde when it was opened in SL and I knew when I came back Neferia Able was not around. While I want to explore new things I couldn't help but try to find a new vintage store. Nothing has come close to Ivalde  for me and I doubt anyone designs everything from the 1800s- 1980s as Nef did. What I have found  is not pretty. To many are still using prims, things like that had started to become out of date when I left SL so why people are still making items  like that now I don't understand.

I did find a cute store called Belle Epoque, better still they have mesh.
They are not big and don't have tons of things in it but what they have is nice. It is real vintage, you can pin it to an era, 1920s.  They had two lucky boards there so I gave them a shot and got the dress I wanted.
The dress in the picture is called MAR. It comes in pale blue, beige and sliver , the pink I am wearing is from the lucky board.
The dress is cute, nice shading and sliver bead work design. The first thing  you feel the need to do is dress it up with heels and go dancing but  play with this a little and I think with legging, boots etc you could make this more casual too. Would make it wort buying for sure
One problem, you can't buy just one colour, you have to buy all or nothing. While  the cost isn't high (195L) , it would be nice to have the choice to buy one or more rather than being forced to fatback. I wonder how many times this has lost a sale. Still it is a cute store and one I will return to.

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