Sunday, 24 May 2015

Exploring 1 of 2

 I went exploring this last few days, I only meant to spend an hour but the place was so interesting I kept going back. I will return again later on. Have a peek around The City of SteelHead and see what I mean. Right now I need to tell you what I am wearing.
The dress is from {Moeko}. It has that vintage vibe to it, so you know I am going to be happy. Its called Marilyn and comes in a wide range of colours with gloves included (not shown). What makes me even happier is Moeko has made shoes to match. I was pleased I didn't have to worry about getting the right shade of  purple.
  Do you like my necklace ? Its from Zanzibar creationZ. Some of you will love this and others will  not wear it once I tell you what it is. The name is Got You By The Balls. Yep that's right, its all in the name. Something I would have been to shy to blog back in the day. Its a funny novelty item, 5 pube colours to collect, each with gold or silver clasp/cap. " of the colours are rare - so who's balls are you going to have ?
The Uni Cluster rings (also from Zanzibar creationZ) are made to suit Slink hands which I thought was brilliant, they can be moved/sized if you to fit if you don't wear them. 5 colour combinations and with gold or silver unicorn horns making a total of 10 ring clusters to collect ( 2 rare colour combinations ).

There is a hunt on at the minute and  {Moeko} is part of it, this is the dress you can win. I do love hunts, I find the best stores I never knew about and get reminded of some I forgot. The Doll Up Hunt is on already and runs until June 25th. Hope you have fun doing it, might even see you there.

{Moeko} -

Zanzibar creationZ -

1st and 2nd picture
skin&make-up - Pink Fuel / eyes - The Stringer Mausoleum / poses - oOo Studio / hair - Truth / nails - Enitce

3rd picture 
skin&make-up - Pink Fuel / eyes - The Stringer Mausoleum / poses - oOo Studio / hair - Clawtooth

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