Sunday, 24 May 2015

Exploring - 2 of 2

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered if you see your true self, the one that others see. The good, bad, ugly  sides to who you are as a person. I often wonder if I seen myself as others do would I be happy or heartbroken. 
 This fantastic mirror is from Black Tulip. It has a few poses with it, all you have to do is 'sit'. Rather cool yet spooky with the ghost showing but I do love it. I was able to place this on the City if Steelhead sim as parts of it let you. Just make sure you clean up if you drop things to take pictures.

 The dress is from {Moeko} and called Esther. It comes in a range of colours and with things like the lace bodice detail it is full of drama. Wear this dress and visit the City of Steelhead. It makes exploring that bit more fun

Just thought i would let you know about {Moeko} being in the Leather and Lace Hunt which starts on the 1st June and runs for the month. Blanche is the hunt item  and adorable. Watch out for this hunt and say HI if you see me while doing it.

Black Tulip -

{Moeko} -

skin - Ppink Fuel / pose oOoStudio / eyes - The Stringer Mausoleum / hair (1n2 pic) - Olive (3rd pic) Clawtooth.

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