Saturday, 30 May 2015

Yes! I Am In A Gown

Can you see the spiders,I like this house but living here would creep me out. Makes my skin itch just looking at them. 
I was told some people think I only wear gowns in SL, that must have been said by someone who doesnt know me but pretends to. I do like gowns, as much as I like everything else, it just needs to be well made and this gown is.
Reine by {moeko} has had thought put into it. The different textures used gives it structure and makes it interesting. It comes in a range of colours depending on your mood. {MOEKO} is so much more than just goth with their designs. Wearing the clothes does make you think about how you style it though and I think that can be a good thing. It is as nice to wear a gown or casual clothes in SL (or any other style) Just depends on the mood and what I find in my inventory at the time.

Dress - Reine by {MOEKO} -

Hair - Athena by >Asset< / Skin - Giorgia by *YS&YS* / Eyeshadow - Hangover by Stellar /Lips - Mono by Ador&Abor / Poses - oOo Studio

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