Friday, 15 May 2015

Zoeys Closet At The Le Petit Faire

I have a fantastic store to tell you about that has made fantastic clothes to sell at a fantastic event so stick with me and look at the three pictures showing all the latest great designs.
Cadet Blue Bell Bottoms and Bolero with Mandala tank
The clothes are from Zoeys Closet. This was a new store I found on my return and I fell hard and fast for it. There is not a single thing in that store than I don't love. 
 Pom Pom Maxi Dress
The only thing wrong with this dress is that I don't own it in real life too.
Spring Leaf Skirt and Waist Shirt with  Yellow Tank
Great mix and match items that will never go out of style and how cool to have a shirt that ties around the waist and sits well when walking or running. That is how well everything is made at this store.
All of these items are on sale right now at the Le Petit Faire. I never knew about this until a few days ago so I had to look up their blog and read about it. This is a brilliant event and worth a visit.  Nice design and well set out. While over buying up all these goodies from Zoeys Closet remember to talk time and walk around the rest. It is a place for all the family to have fun.

Zoeys Closet at the Le Petit Faire

picture 1
hair - +elua+ / pose - Kirin  / skin  - Pink  Fuel
picture 2
hair -  Truth / pose - Kirin / skin - Pink Fuel
picture 3
hair - Exile / pose - Kirin / Skin - Pink Fuel 

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