Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Ice Cream Anyone ?

Sysy Chapman I love the location for your new store.
I popped back to The Arcade Gacha  to take more time to look around.  It was only then I noticed Zaara was there. Now I liked everything on offer but I really wanted a pair of these Fisherman's Pants and as they are a 'common'  I knew I stood a good chance. There are a range of colours but winning any of them is good because they are all cute. Patterned pants means plain top and shoes and I wanted to pick up on one of the colours in the design. Baby Monkey is the best to go to for this as everything comes with a colour HUD holding 35 shades. This is my first picture with shadows. My old computer wouldn't handle it before so while I was miffed when it broke last weekend  I am a happy camper now. I know its not brilliant but its my very first try. 

Zaara Fisherman's Pants @ The Arcade Gacha -

Baby Monkeys shoes (Nikki) n top (Tazia) -

Exile Hair (Downtown) -

Pink Fuels skin  - Harley -

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