Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Body Art Hunt Has Started

THe Body Art Hunt started today and it is a cracker. SO many wonderful tattoos, make-ups, eyes and so muchc more. Let me show you a tiny example of the fantastic things on offer.
First look at the make-up (above). The eye shadow and lips are all part of one layer from Echo. Tattoos  from left to right are Fancy Flower by Tenijin, Desperado by White Widow and Ouija by Aberrant.
The picture above shows lips by Songbird, they also have this brilliant Snakebite piercing. The eyes, by Banana Banshee, are so much fun, I know I am going to play around with this stuff in future posts.

I need to get out and grab more things and show you, lets hope I get time. For now why don't you start the hunt yourself. 

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