Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Have you ever put something on and then another store releases just what you need to complete the look ? That's what happened to me. I started dressing in SL, I knew I wanted to wear this dress, hat and boots but was going over all my hair folders trying to find one  I thought worked. Then someone yelled on plurk that Truth had new hair out and it was just what I needed
This dress is from C'est La Vie and the only thing  I struggled with was deciding on what colour to wear. The hat is from the same store. 
My boots I love so much, they are from Baby Monkey. The cute horse I am holding is an old group gift from Zenith, I think it is still in the store. I feel at my most comfortable in stuff like this, I would have wore this dress in my younger days in RL too.
dress - Maisie @ C'est La Vie   

hat - Romy @ C'est La Vie

boots - Diega Cowgirl @ Baby Monkey

skin - Suellen @ La Petite Morte

hair Karlie @ Truth

toy - Year Of The Horse @ Zenith

poses - oOo Studio Poses

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