Thursday, 20 August 2015

Day At The Seaside

 When I wear anything from Moeko I have to step out from my box and play before I can take any pictures. The same with any poses or props from Black Tulip. So when I put on a Moeko dress and got out the new poses from Black Tulip I knew I was going to have fun. I knew I would explore loads of places and take loads of pictures and know that the items will always be more amazing that any picture my limited ability took.
I read folk saying sometimes they gt fed up in SL - my answer to that is go do what I did today, wear something different, get poses that different. They will make you explore and while trying to fin the right place you will find SL will open up to you again as that massive platform that can be anything you want it to be.
dress - Ammutseba Devourer of Stars by Moeko @The Lovecraft Festival  (open now and runs until the 23rd August)

poses - a mix from the Little Mermaid collection @ Black Tulip

skin - Sophie (winter) @ Pumec

hair - Arden @ Truth 

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