Saturday, 8 August 2015


 The Flawess sim do something that I think is pretty cool. It has a designer showcase set in the middle and each month the stores pop something new in there
The Tortura dress (above) is an exclusive from Entice, one of the stores on the Flawless sim.You have lights or darks to choose from, each offering three colours on a HUD. The red I am wearing is from the darks.
If you have looked at my blog before you will see I am a big fan of Entice from the very start. Below will show another reason why. These are just a few of the bikinis on sale there for 65L each. Total bargain and  a style to suit all tastes. All you have to do is decide which one you will get. 

Oh and  before I go, I doubt anyone will spot it and I know for many it is old news but, I got a mesh body and this is my first post wearing it. I tried on many and liked them all for different reasons but kept going back to SLink. So now I have all the feet, the full hand pack and the body. Now to settle on a mesh head - on the pain of change but this time I am going to do it - no more screams like I did back in the Js Toes days. ( old SLers will understand what Js Toes are)

dress - Tortura by Entice @ The designer showcase

bikinis - selection on sale @ Entice

skin - Beauty T4 @ La Petite Morte

hair - Fudge @ Wasabi Pills

shoes - Bitterballs @ Ducknipple

poses @ Bang

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