Sunday, 16 August 2015

GENRE - The Age of the Dragon

GENRE is a brilliant for many reasons, one being it showcases many store that never show up  in the bigger events. It opened on the 12th August and runs until 12th September.
 I have spent all my free time ( the little I get) wearing this, going to sims I have never been before. I have had so much fun with it I wish I was good enough at taking picture to get that across. The dragon look here comes with 'breath' and I wish I could take a picture showing how cool it is. The tail moves - it is all just fantastic.  The skin applier does cover a mesh head too but as I haven't decided which one I want I wore a skin to work with this
 You can get this at the GENRE event that is open right now. At 100L, it is only going to be out for this event.  I was surprised it was so cheap when there must be so much work to make this and script it all. 
All Basilisk Drago  (includes tail, horns,skin/applier. shape) by Sinful Needs @ Genre

skin(seen on head) - Galaxies Helios @ Forty Two
makeup - Wicked - @ Forty Two

neklace - Sea Net by The Annex @ Enchantment

mesh hands/feet/body @ SLink

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