Monday, 17 August 2015

GENRE - The Age of the Dragon

 I took these picture at the Genre sim. They always try to build the area in the vein of the topic that month. The egg on my head posed my AV when attached. As the sim is non rez I attached the columns to me and then moved them into place from that
 I did the same with the cauldron, attaching to me and then moving into place. The little dragon is adorable, I think this will have to sit on  my desk at home.
The hair is another new one from Truth, how he keeps coming up with the new ideas is beyond me. My skin is a new one from 7DS. I do find the face pretty and so easy to change the whole look by just adding make-ups. I do wish they made different colour brows or at least came with no brows I  can have more options.
1st Picture
dress - Wild Mage by Anachron @ Genre

props - Usurper Dragon Egg & Usurper Draggon egg on Column by Noctis @ Genre

hair - Priya @ Truth

skin - Esmee Taupe @ 7Deadly S{K}ins

mesh hands/feet/body @ SLink

2nd & 3rd picture

corset -  Wild Mage by Anachron @ Genre

cauldron - Dragon Skull by Tanoshi @ Genre

toy - Draggie by Tanoshi @ Genre

hair - Priya @ Truth

skin - Esmee Taupe @ 7Deadly S{K}ins

mesh hands/feet/body @ SLink

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