Saturday, 22 August 2015

Out For A Stroll

SL has to many events, people cant expect designers to release in store and keep the quality in their designs all the time if they have the pressures to be part of these events to survive.
In saying that, I do have a few I picked out and will stick with. Good events are the place to find new stores and remind you about the good old favourites. 
Shiny Shabby is one of the events I will always stick with. I have found so many stores from this event and keep finding them each round. The top, pants, shoes and poses are all on offer at Shiny Shabby.
This fab hair is from Truth, the material has options, from print to block colours. The nails are on sale at The Vintage & Cool fair. I was gutted I didn't make the bloggers list for it. Anyone who knows me in SL over the 8 years knows my big thing for vintage. One thing, when you find a designer you like, remember to go see their mainstore too. If you like the little on offer at an event booth, you will love the mainstore much more.
top - Tiffany by C'est La Vie @ Shiny Shabby

pants - Selma by  C'est La Vie @ Shiny Shabby

shoes - Amsterdam by Essenz  @ Shiny Shabby

poses - Karla by Pabel Motion @ Shiny Shabby

hair - Rumi @ Truth 

nails - Art Deco by Dark Passions @ The Vintage & Cool Fair

bag - Serry @ C'est La  Vie

skin Beauty t3 @ La Petite Morte

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