Friday, 25 September 2015

Can You Play

Can you play anything, I cant but I wish I could. I have never been musical, cant even sing in tune. My poor long suffering husband has to put up with me singing (badly) at the top of my voice as I do the housework. Though he knows if the music stops I stop working, guess that's what he has to put up with to get a clean home.
 Entice has a new dress and made it is a good range of colours and prints. It would take me forever to try and show all the colours here but it is worth popping over to look. They also made shoes to match so don't worry about that. The chestnut tone from the skin shows up the dress well, it's a gacha skin and  worth playing. 
My hair  is from Entwined, I have been looking for this style for a while. Simple and sleek. My necklace is another find at Shiny Shabby from Luxe. Great statement piece. I do like to show a close up of the nails. These are out until the 30th September, the colours are so pretty. Dark Passions is my favourite store for stuff like this. Ok Let me list everything for you now.

hair - Martina @ Entwined

necklace - Geometric Leaf by Luxe @ Shiny Shabby

nails - Pagan by Dark Passions @ Cosmetic Fair

dress & shoes - Better Days @ Entice

skin - Jamijntje (store gacha) @ 7 Deadly S{K}ins

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