Saturday, 5 September 2015

I Give Up

Every time I tried to do something today people got in my way. Tried to do housework but the phone wouldn't stop. Tried to do gardening but the dog ran after me wanting to play football. Tried to  dress to blog but IMs kept coming. So I gave up. 
 I stuck on jeans and a shirt and these wicked sneakers from Baby Monkey.You see all those colours there, I have them all for just 500L. You can buy smaller packs depending on the colours you would rather have. My jeans are also from Baby Monkey and the T shirt is a group gift, group 500L to join but you get loads for it so worth the money.

You cant put on clothes like this and not have hair to suit, what better than this new  style from Truth, you can wear it without the visor so easy to dress up too. I still wanted to look good so a new skin from & Deadly S{K}ins did the trick. 
Sometimes I wish for the 'good old days' when I was   younger, life was easier (was it really) and I didn't have so many people demanding my time. I would be playing Space Invaders, not sitting on it.

seat in first pic - The Crate @ Little Llama

sofa/chair/lamp/table in last pic - Alien Block @ Little Llama

t shirt - Vintage Travel @ Baby Monkey
jeans - Straight Cut @ Baby Monkey
sneakers - Aviva  @ Baby Monkey

hair - Olympia @ Truth

skin - Dawn (marshmellow)  @ 7 Deadly S{K}ins

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