Sunday, 4 October 2015

Comfort Zone

 What a long day. I had a family lunch on, it was nice but I am tired. I wish I could have dressed like this and be comfortable. I also wish I was this young, pretty and thin but none of that is going to happen.
 If only I owned these shoes in RL too. I wear these over and over in SL and I think I would live in them if I had them in RL. Right, before I go on rambling here about alot of nothing I need to list all the info about the great stuff I used in these pictures. 
skin -  Fei @ LoveMe

hair - Boone @ Oleander

jeans - Straight Cut @ Baby Monkey

jumper - Lucille Cozy by C'est La Vie @ Shiny Shabby

shoes - SusieQs @

poses - Black Tulip (The Photographers Hunt item)

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