Friday, 30 October 2015

Love Lives On

Does love really end  when a person dies or  does true love live on no matter what. To lose a love must be one of the hardest things to cope with. To close your eyes and yearn for them to hold you again. I have a friend who got married, was such a happy event for  the young couple. Not long after she found out she was expecting their first child. Before they reached their first wedding anniversary he was dead. I know she is still hurting almost two years on. She spoke of how she closes her eyes and holds her arms out trying to remember how it felt as he held her. 
Hug those you love, tell them often how much you care. Never go to sleep on angry words. We just never know what is going to happen and unspoken words can haunt  the mind.

ghost by Black Tulip @ The Liaison Collaborative

hair - Esmee by Mina @ Shiny Shabby

dress - Wednesday vy Valentina E. @ Shiny Shabby

mesh head - Stella @ LeLukta

mesh head applier - Samantha 02 @ YS&YS

mesh body - Lara @ Maitreya

mesh body applier - 02 @ YS&YS

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