Thursday, 19 November 2015

My Happy Place

I wanted to go for a walk around the local lake and forest. It is beside the castle the royals stay in when they are in this area. It is so beautiful  and  never more so at this time of year. Well RL wouldn't let me get time to go over there and now it is to dark outside to do it. I decided to go to a sim I always called my 'happy place' in SL. Sway's has always been one of the more beautiful sims in SL. I found it back in 2007 and it is still as amazing as it ever was. Do go visit.
So let me list all that I have on  and try not to forget anything.
dress Tears In Heaven @ Entice

hair - Lousia @ Truth

skin - Estella (pineapple) -by 7 Deadly S{K}ins @ Lubbly Jubblies

boots - Ingrid @

socks - Lydia @

poses @ Bang

mesh body - Lara @ Maitreya

eyes - Oxidation @ Ikon

Sway's -

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