Tuesday, 15 December 2015


I was invited to visit the Realm of Avalon Sim and if I wanted to use it for some blogging pictures. I am so glad I went, it is beautiful and as they have just made it winter it is even more magical. Now this is a role playing sim so if you visit remember to be respectful of others there.
The timing could not have been better as I am also blogging some stuff from the Midwinter fair. I am having so much fun with this as this isn't just the basic jeans and jumper stuff, extra time has to be taken to try to pull a look together.Once I put on this gown and cape I knew the La Petite Morte skin would be soft enough to work with it. I grabbed one of my favourite hairs from Exile so I could wear this headpiece. To add colour to the face I popped on some eyeshadow from Zibska - they are a wonderful store for lip and eye makeups. I was ready to explore.
I know all the big favourite events are happening but also remember to visit some of the others. They are just as much fun with amazing creators. You never know you might just find a new favourite store.

Avalon - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Avalon%20Island/212/156/25

eyeshadow - Marion11 @ Zibrska

gown / cape / headchain - SnowQueen by BrokenStyle @ The Midwinter Fair

hair - Downtown @ Exile 

skin - Suellen @ La Petite Morte
@ La Petite Morte

eyebrows - Nikohl@ Buzzeri

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