Friday, 18 December 2015

Midnight whispers, ghosts of the past....

They've been dust for a century yet
Still they last...
Would they live again, 
If given half a chance? 
Would they sing again, 
Of an ageless romance? 

Echoes of yesterday, leading me on...
They are remnants of a sweet old song
I hear something saying that it is not gone.

The faintest whiff of roses...
A shadow cast by itself...
Is this the work of a ghost, 
Or just some mischievous elf? 

Am I unwise to have come here alone? 
Yet I have the strangest impression, 
A feeling that I've come home

dress - Empire by Anachron @ Genre

necklace & earrings - by Krystal @ Genre

shoes - Greta @ Elysium

hair - Iola @ Elua

skin - Noellia @ 7 Deadly S{K}ins

poses and flowers by OddFish @ Genre

Street light and ghost - Weeping Ghost @ Black Tulip

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