Monday, 4 January 2016

E is for ........

 I bought a juicer today, I need to drop some weight. When I say I need to drop weight I mean I need to drop at least half of what I am now. I can't believe I used to be as slim as my SL avatar is and now I am a blob. So my plan is to   juice during the day when I am so busy I snack to much. When this rain  stops I can get out walking, I don't mind walking in the rain but right now there is to much flooding. It is more than wanting to do this, I need to do it. Are any of you doing the same this year ?
Wait and see, this time next year I will be half the woman I am now. 
top - Stronger @ Entice

sneakers - Stronger @ Entice

pants - Stronger @ Entice

hair - Shena @ Elua

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