Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Rain, Rain, Rain

I am sad that everyone is getting snow but me. I guess I should just smile and be grateful I have it easy here compared to many along the east coast of America and my home isn't flooded like many in England. So while I am getting loads of rain I am going to keep smiling.
I am wearing some of my favourite things and I could go  on and on about each one of them. What I really wanted to  tell you about is this umbrella and pose. I seen this on flickr and loved it so much I knew I needed to get it to blog. What I didn't realise at that time was this thing not only comes with the umbrella and 10 poses, it also gives the option to have a umbrella with rain or one with hearts falling.  You also get an AO so you carry the umbrella and wander along with some great walks, stands etc.... All of this and it is just 75L.  I am playing with ideas in my head to use this more  so you should be seeing this again soon.

umbrella - Rose Petal @ STEP 
buy on marketplace - https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Step-Umbrella-Blue-Table/8402709

dress & vest- Gweyneth by C'est La Vie @ Shiny Shabby

boots - Ingrid @ fri.day

socks - Lydia @ fri.day

hair - Barber @ YumYum 

mesh head applier - India by La Petite Morte @ Season Story

mesh body applier @ La Petite Morte 

mesh head - Stella (LeLutka) /  mesh body - Lara (Maitreya)

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