Friday, 26 February 2016

Back At The Hipster Fair

I know there are loads of different events going on and it is hard to get around them all but maybe it is worth taking time to pop over  some events that are not the 'big glam' ones we know and love (and I do love them) I have been back to look around The Hipster Fair, it has so many in it that are not in the bigger events and I found a few stores I never knew about so I collected  info so I can visit the mainstore and take a good look around. For now I am wearing an outfit from Ducknipple. It has everything you need in it right down to the jewelry and shoes. 
Before you stop reading I want to you look below. See my rainbow freckles ? Its a cool applier from Stellar I found on marketplace.  Even though MP is a bitch to find things on because it is flooded with old gacha resales it is still worth looking around, you can still find cute things like this. I just wish there was a button we cold hit that would removed gacha items when people want to shop and lump them together when we want to look to buy old gacha items we had been to lazy to play for.
jeans / earrings / necklace / shoes / vest&cardie - by Ducknipple @ The Hipster Fair

hair - Want You @ Lamb

umbrella & pose - Ragel @ STEP 
buy on marketplace -

mesh head applier - India @ La Petite Morte

mesh body applier - tone 1 @ La Petite Morte

freckles - Rainbow @ Stellar on marketplace

eyes - Oxidation @ Ikon

eyeshadow - Smoke @ Veechi

lipstick  - Marian @ Zibska

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