Saturday, 5 March 2016


So we all know we can do things in SL that we never do in RL. To many that means being pretty, thin, loads of stylish clothes. To others that may be dating, creating and owning a business, being a DJ. To many others it is being able to walk, hangout with mates and be 'normal' in a way they cant do in RL because of disabilities. One of the things I have never had was a broken bone. Now I know that sounds such a stupid thing. When I was at school  and someone broke a leg or arm they came in and had us sign their cast. It all seemed cool and I was miffed that I never got the chance. So how cool was  it to find crutches and cast in SL. The crutches even work in a way that you move in tune with RL but could in SL.
crutches and cast - @ RC Cluster

hair&hat - Sparks (old hunt gift) @ Exile

collar&skirt - Hellcat Derby by {MV} @ Genre

jacket top - Rollergirl Hoolet by Dilly Dolls @ Genre

top - Confetti @ Luxuria

eyes - Hollywood by The String Mausoleum @ Genre

shoe - Amara @ Baby Monkey

mesh head - Stella (LeLutka) / mesh body - Lara ( Maitreya)

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