Sunday, 6 March 2016

N Is For .........

Wanted to pop this up first before I get stuck into the Skin Fair stuff. I am so excited about this, even to the point I will be taking off my mesh heads and wearing system skins.
Anyway back to my N post. I was cooking Sunday lunch while popping back and forth trying to get sorted for this picture and for some silly reason wearing this made me feel more relaxed. I had mum and my brother here to eat as it is Mothers days in the UK. My brother is a brilliant cook and I get nervous making food for others as it is. I needed to feel relaxed. So now they are all gone and I can get this post done, then I am going to start opening the skin fair boxes and blogging as much as I can to let you see  what is on offer.
For now I need to list what  am wearing don't I.

outfit - Liana @ N-Uno

boots - Neve @ Baby Monkey

hair - Neema @ Truth

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