Wednesday, 2 March 2016

One Year On - My First Year Back In SL

As some know I first came to SL in March  2007 and I stayed for four years (or there abouts). Then my PC died, RL was changing, my best friend in SL was cutting back her work and then decided to close her store. Around that time plurk had major drama going on and I was caught in the crossfire, I cried so much from it. I got a new PC and decided to not return to SL and never planned to ever come back. Four years later I started to think about it again and looked up Juicybomb. As I scrolled I was shocked at how much I missed it and thought about returning. I worried no one would remember me, or if they did they wouldn't want me back. How wrong I was on both accounts. I didn't want to return on my old account because she was a vintage girl at heart so Beuanna was born. 
When I left mesh was just happening, so you can imagine how much I had to learn. I also returned to plurk because in spite of the hurts it is still a great place to hangout with people and chat. I was floored at the wonderful response to it all. People  happy I was back and so helpful I was overwhelmed.  I needed to find my place in SL so I started to blog as I explored and somehow I fell back into blogging fashion again.
So one year on I want to say  the biggest thank you to all those who have been a help to me.Those who gave advice, gifts of things they knew I would need and even letting me share their home. A special thank you to those who have trusted me  to be on their blogger lists, you have been wonderful.
I have made new friends, found old friends and having so much fun. I am glad to be back

hair - Wink by Exile @ Arcade

shoes - Josie  by @ Kustom9

bodysuit & pants - Katherine @ Valentina E.

necklace - Vintage @ Meva

lipstick applier - Reds @ Stellar

mesh head appplier - Indie @ La Petite Morte

mesh body applier - tone 2 @ La Petite Morte

poses - @ An Lar

mesh head - Simone (LeLutka) / mesh body - Lara ( Maitreya)

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