Monday, 7 March 2016

Part 1 -SKIN FAIR - Izzie's Anya and other things

This is my first skin fair post and I wanted it to be as helpful as possible. Some folk like to see the skin dressed up so they know what it is like when out and about SL. Others like a 'back to basics'  post so they can see the face, make-up and tone. What I have done here and will try to keep doing is to show both. The picture above shows how pretty this skin is, below shows more detail.

I thought I was done with wearing systems skins, I had got so into mesh heads. Then skin fair came along and this stunning face showed up.Soft, cute, adorable Anya. You have the option of freckles and can either wear with a mesh body (as I have) or without. 
The make-up range is great, Above shows all the lip gloss and eye shadow options
There has to be a skin tone to suit almost everyone here. The soft changes keeps the sweet face no matter which tone you pick. I will wear Anya more and this has shown me, while I love wearing mesh heads, I am not done with system skins.

skin - Anya (porcelain) by Izzie's @ Skin Fair - 11th - 27th  March

shoes & socks - Sarah Janes @

hair - Crush by DUE (gacha) @ Shiny Shabby

sweater&skirt - Spring by Zenith @ Shiny Shabby

basket - Portobello @ {What Next}

underwear - Gwen - by Dead Dollz  Shiny Shabby

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