Thursday, 24 March 2016

Wanted Or Not

I have been blogging for a year now and I was going to do a post about it, then changed my mind. It did get me thinking for a few days though. Why did I come back to SL? am I enjoying it? is it different this time round ? - all questions I have pondered over. 
I came back because life got tough and I needed an outlet that was just for me, my family have no clue about SL so they will never touch this part of my life and that for me is a good thing.
I am enjoying it, I have grown in the time I was gone and the drama I see the odd time whirl around I ignore. 
It is different this time. Before I worked at Ivalde and hung out with Neferia Able and all the girls that worked there with me.I always had someone to chat with, be around and feel part of. This time is very different, no matter how much I try I am still alone. When someone has needed help, support, a place to rant or something like that, I get an IM or a PP on plurk. I have received the odd email, been on skype and even on Facebook with private messages. As soon as that problem (or whatever) is sorted I never really hear from the people again. 
SL is very different for me, I know people but part of nothing. I blog but never really come close to feeling like part of the gang. I sign in and always spend the time on my own. I blog and I don't even know if anyone really reads this. I get hits and I know people have bought things they see on the blog but do I write into a space that no one cares about.
I am not sad over my SL, I am happy in my own space. I relax and do what I want and then get on with my RL day. But sometimes, just sometimes I watch others and I wish I was wanted just like they are.
For now I will keep blogging and keep enjoying what I do have and not let what I don't have get me down. 

hair - Wink by Exile @ Arcade

dress - Summertime Blues @ Entice

sitting pose - Solitude @ Black Tulip

book & glasses - Bookworm Gacha by CLAVv @ Shiny Shabby

sim - Swayland / mesh head - Catwa Annie / mesh body - Maitreya Lara

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