Monday, 25 April 2016

Who Wants A Cuppa

 It is late here but I am in pain so can't sleep (darn abscess) I would really love a cup of green tea but can't bare the pain drinking it. I am on the sim Sorrow. It has just been re-done and it is wicked. You really should visit, hidden in the swap are little places like this one I am in now. I am not sure how much I will get to blog over this next 2 weeks. I have my in laws arriving from England in a few hours and then when they go it is my aunt from America. If I get a chance I will blog though, it might be the only chance I get to relax.
mesh head applier - Victoria @ Izzie's

mesh body applier - fair @ Izzie's

shoes - Spiked Heart @ Pure Poison

necklace - Arcadia @ Empyrean Forge

dress - Three Layered Casual Maxi @ {amiable}

hair - River @ Truth

poses @ Bang

sim - Sorrow

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