Saturday, 4 June 2016

1/2 Bargain Shopping

I went to Grace Island again, I like to relax there when sorting my inventory or writing up a blog post.
took two pictures and was going to just post them but then I thought about showing more detail. Some folk in SL (like me) shop on a budget and others just love a bargain. We still want nice things but we have to think about what we are spending. I wanted to show you some staples that are good to keep in your inventory. These shoes are from a store called Slipper. You can buy singles but look at the hud with the fatpack. There is nothing these would now match. 
This fun bed to rest on its brilliant too. If you own a sim or have a home space it would be a lovely add. For those like me who don't have land, there are many sims that at a small cost you can rest things for a time to take pictures. Grace Island is one of them and so I can rez this item out when I need it. Again this has cool colour combos  depending on the mood. Little Llama is a fun store that looks like a kids place at first but, loads of the stuff  can be sized to suit adults too.  So you see, being is SL doesn't have to cost loads to enjoy it. 

shoes - Clover - @ Slipper

balloon - Around The World Bed @ Little Llama for The Challenge

top - Ruffle @ Nya's

shorts - Satin @ Nya's

nails - Sunset Tips - by Veechi @ Tropical Summer Fair

mesh head applier - Natasha - by Bold & Beauty @ Shiny Shabby

mesh body applier - Fair @ Bold & Beauty

hair - Faye - by Dela @ Shiny Shabby
sim Grace Island

sim Grace Island

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