Thursday, 23 June 2016

HURRY UP ! It's Almost Over

Hurry up and get your picture posted to enter the contest. You don't need to be brilliant at photoshop or anything fancy, just have fun taking your picture and share in the flickr group - all the info you need  to know is below. If you need ideas then just have a peek at the store blog -

1st place  - 10,000L
2nd place - 5,000L
3rd place - 2,500L

1 - Entries must showcase any item/items released in 2016. 
2 - There’s no limit to the number of photos you may submit but each entry needs to show a different item.  Duplicate entries of the same item from the same person is not allowed.
3 - The Annex item must be clearly seen
4 - You must be a member of The Annex group in SL
5 - Must add picture to store flickr and title it - THE ANNEX contest - along with your official avatar name. No display names so we can find you.
6 - Please TAG  The Annex  when posting your picture

flickr -

marketplace -

store in-world

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