Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Back Again

I have been missing far to much this last dew weeks. My PC broke big style and I thought I would have to save and buy another but I got lucky. My brother  (who owns a business doing PC stuff) was able to fix everything. Such a pain to have to download everything again and redo my settings and stuff but I am getting there. It was nice to take a break and walk around The Yorkshire Dales sim. It is such a beautiful place. 
I still have the Trinity head from LAQ, she is so pretty, I think I will just work between her and my Catwa Alice from now on and tuck the others all in a box. 
This is another hairstyle from Hair Fair. I was going to do the usual posts of  head shots  with 'updos', 'long' etc.... but others are doing that and doing it better than I could. Anyway, I have such stunning things  to show off, like this dress from Entice. For me, this year, it is better to show hairstyles as part of a complete look.

pose - Rose (subscriber gift) @ Elephante Poses

necklace - Hunters Claw - by +XAnSA+ @ Genre

dress - Electric Bird - by Entice @ Tres Chic

hair - Charlotte - by Tableau Vivant @ Hair Fair

mesh head - Trinity @ LAQ

mesh head applier - Mima @ LAQ

mesh body applier - Pale @ LAQ

sim - The Yorkshire Dales

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