Saturday, 16 July 2016

Hair Fair Is Open - come fight the lag with me

I could cry, I missed the  bloggers open time because I was in A&E with my husband last night. Today I must fight the lag and get hair shopping. It is one of the rare events that is worth the hassle. I have been able to get in to one part and seen the build - its a fantastic. Clean, simple, creative. Above is the map, as always if you follow the path it will take you around everything. If you can't get on the sim you want then try the  cam shopping sims - our Sasy has thought of it all, hasn't she. To me she is the SL royalty and when you go to this event you will see why.
So let me list info  to help you along - if you see me there yell over.
Sims for cam shopping
you can't TP to the booths but if you look at this blog you can get the info to help you find what you are looking for

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