Monday, 4 July 2016

It's A Girly Thing

My husband walked in when I was taking this picture and burst out laughing. The idea of me dressed in pink surrounded with dolls cracked him up. It was only when I got him to look at the stuff he could see why I did it. Everything is so beautifully made that even  things that are all so girly are adorable and worth having. Each doll can be held or set out (as I have here). So what is it that you hate in RL that you wear or use in SL ? do you react with anything like I do with pink and dolls ?

hair - Quiant -  by Beusy @ Shiny Shabby

top  - Pieces Of Me  by Entice @ Project Se7en

skirt - Pieces Of Me by Entice @ Project Se7en

necklace - Guillty Neck  by XAnSA @ Genre

earrings - Guillotine by Anachron @ Genre

dolls - Vintage Ponies & Dolls Gacha - by Blad Seed @ Shiny Shabby

pose - innocent @ oOo Studios

mesh head applier - Danana  by YS&YS @ Shiny Shabby

mesh body applier  - tone 00 @ YS&YS

 mesh head - Catwa Alice / mesh body - Maitreya Lara

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