Saturday, 9 July 2016

Late To The Party But It Is Still Going Strong

I am so late posting about this kick ass event but my PC died and had to be without it for 48 hours. Lucky I had my wee rescue dog to play with or I would have went nuts. It is pretty fitting that it was her that help me cope with not being online as this event is raising money to help save dogs lives and 100% goes to the charity.
That's right, 100% of money collected/donations goes directly for the care of animals at non-profit, no-kill, volunteer rescue organisations. This brilliant t-shirt and cute little dog on my shoulder is an example of whats on offer but there is so much more - I will try to show you. 

If you want to party after shopping  here's a list of all the times and stuff

Saturday July 9th
 Rally To Rescue Shopping Hud!
12pm - Joe Bonamasa, Beth Hart Concert (street stage)
6pm - Alice Cooper Tribute Concert (main stage)
9pm - Dare To Be Bare Charity Rideout (Naked Ride!)

Sunday July 10th
 Rally To Rescue Shopping Hud!
12pm - Rally To Rescue Charity Rideout (all are welcome!)
2pm - Eagles Tribute Concert (street stage)
4pm - King of The Hill Ride (Elimination Match)
6pm - Ziggy Stardust (Bowie) Tribute Concert (main stage)
12am - Midnight Ride (all welcome!)

Monday July 11th
 Rally To Rescue Shopping Hud!
12pm - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Tribute Concert (street concert)
3pm - Rally To Rescue Charity Rideout (all are welcome!)
6pm - Motorhead Tribute Concert

Tuesday July 12th
  Rally To Rescue Shopping Hud!
12pm - Eric Clapton Tribute Concert (street stage)
3pm - Rally To Rescue Charity Rideout (all are welcome!)
6pm - Cutest Pet Photo Contest Ends
6pm - Halestorm Tribute Concert

The main focus being talked about at this event is Pitbulls. A breed that is illegal in the UK so I have never see them. To be honest I do find them a scary breed but that has more to do with me than the dog. With stories told about this breed and  stupid people owning them and not having a clue how to train this animal, sadly people have been hurt or killed. I am not blind to the strength of this breed - what I would say is that people need to always learn about any animal before they get it. Learn about the breed of dog, what training it needs etc... There are some breeds that while I adore them I know I would be a poor owner because I don't have what it takes to care for it and keep it, and those around me safe. The problem comes from bad owners, not bad dogs.

My biggest passion is rescue dogs - why pay for someone to breed when shelters are full of beautiful dogs of all ages, breeds and sizes looking for their forever home. My girl is a rescue and she is the most wonderful wee furbaby you could ever meet. I went to rescue her but really she rescued me.

shoulder dog - Ghost Bully Pup - by Rally To Rescue

t-shirt - Lets Be Friends

hair - Loni @ Truth

mesh head applier - Tea - by Insol @ The Crossroads

mesh body applier - Milk @ Insol

mesh head - Catwa Alice / mesh body - Maitreya Lara

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