Friday, 22 July 2016

The Dating Game

Over the years I have known many people date in SL, a few have met and even married. The odd few have even stuck together. What I do find strange is people being attracted to the avi. Now I know  we have a personal connection to our own avatar. With our choices of how we dress, skin etc... we make it very personal and that does reflect a part of us. We do need to remember that it could be anyone sitting at the keyboard. It is the real person we connect with when chatting. Each of us sign into SL for a reason. Some to hangout, others to work. Some are single parents and need to just talk to a grown-up. I am a full time carer, on call 24/7 for  two family members so SL is my escape. To that friend who has a 'boyfriend' being rude and dismissive to her until she makes her avatar  hotter, you need to dump his ass. I don't care what he looks like  in SL, he is a pig in RL to behave like this.

top - T-Shirt Dress - by Kaithleen's @ Shiny Shabby

cello - Rosed - by Six o'Clock @ Shiny Shabby

skybox - Pinetree Aroma Room (gacha) - by Toiz @ Shiny Shabby

arrow wall decor - Flee Market Treasures - by Hate This @ Shiny Shabby

ottoman - - Flee Market Treasures - by Hate This @ Shiny Shabby

armoir - Boho  by DRD @ Shiny Shabby

table - Boho  by DRD @ Shiny Shabby

chair - Boho  by DRD @ Shiny Shabby

mirror - Dharma @ Little Llama

lamps - Pineapple - by Little Llama @ Genre

pose - The Daria Series by An Lar Poses @ Shiny Shabby

hair - Yuka - by Elua @ Hair Fair

mesh head - Trinity @ LAQ

mesh head applier - Wilma @ LAQ

mesh body applier - 0.1 @ LAQ

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