Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wrong End OF Town

I remember when I first came back to Northern Ireland after living in England for a few years. I knew so many places like the back of my hand. Yet in the few years I was gone so much had changed. The seaside place I grew up was the biggest change, for the worse. Same when I came back to SL, I got kinda the same feeling. I knew so much and yet knew nothing at all. Has that ever happened to you ?

pose - Shy - by Elephante Poses @ The Expo

mesh head - Trinity @ LAQ

mesh head applier - Elena @ LAQ

mesh body applier - Fair @ LAQ

bag - Contimental Caged Bucket Tote @ Black Bantam

shoes - Jacky-O @ Nya's

skirt - Jacky-O @ Nya's

top - Jacky-O @ Nya's

hair - Breathing You In - by Exile @ Hair Fair

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