Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I Want Summer Fun Again

I have family living in different parts around America. I was a baby when they moved but they come over to see family around once every other year, if not more. When  I was single I travelled around visiting them many times. The one place I loved best was Wilmington North Caroline. My brother is going over for a few weeks and to go to a family wedding and I wish I was going too. There is talk of him checking out the place to maybe move there, all our cousins are encouraging him to do it and I agree it wold be a brilliant thing for him. I am jealous though, I know I will never get that chance again. The best I can do is visit beach sims in SL, So that long ramble explains why I took this picture wearing wonderful summery stuff.

zipper binder - Star by Little Llama @ Color Me Cute Event

sunglasses - Tropez @ Baby Monkey

hair - Keona @ EMO-tions

outfit - Green Bouquet @ Luxe Paris

mesh head - Trinity @ LAQ

mesh head applier - Mima @ LAQ

mesh body applier - Fair @ LAQ

pose - The Noir Series @ An Lar Poses

nails - Mirror @ Veechi

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