Saturday, 3 September 2016

2nd U

Its the weekend, so grab a coffee and flick through the pages of the latest magazine in SL and relax !

When I was around SL  years ago magazines was a thing. Some better than others but they had a following. Then some jumped on the bandwagon because they seen  that with advert space they could make good money from then. So the magazines in SL went down hill as people worried more about what they made and not what was in the pages. 
Scrolled forward to now and we have a new, exciting magazine around. I know BelovedRuby  and I have watched her work so hard for months, I have seen the excitement and passion she has for this. I love it when people want to give back to SL in a positive way. 
They are open to ideas and input from the SL community which is brilliant. I am so pleased I have been able to  jump on this from the start, I have read this cover to cover and I am excited to see this grow. 

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