Sunday, 16 October 2016

Out Watching In

You ever get a day when you feel like you are on the outside watching in? I was like this all yesterday and today, like I was watching myself do things but not really connecting. Was very strange. Maybe that is why I took this picture, I was sitting up in the sky watching others take pictures on the Nutshell sim while trying to work out what I wanted to blog next. I was wearing this outfit  to run around shopping, just felt like I wanted to be comfortable.  So I am going to  pop this  in a folder and keep to the side in case I get another day  like this and I want to just sit and watch and get ideas.

mesh head - Amelie @ Catwa

mesh head applier - Samantha @ DeeTaleZ

mesh body applier - Nordic @ DeeTaleZ

glasses - Toiz group gift

hair - Lush @ Clawtooth

boots - Charity by @ The Epiphany

top - Casual Sliky by Kaithleen's @ The Chapter Four

pants - Leather Skinny by Kaithleen's @ The Chapter Four

prop - Kawaii Daybed @ Bokeh

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